Riccardo Procacci

CEO, Avio Aero, and Vice President & CEO of GE Additive


Riccardo joined GE in 1996 covering different technical and commercial roles before being assigned to Asia in 2000 as GE Oil & Gas region sales manager based in Kuala Lumpur. During his tenure, landmark projects were secured in the region in strategic segments like LNG and Pipeline. At the end of 2003, he moved back to the GE Oil & Gas headquarters in Florence, Italy, leading the Contractual Service Agreements business unit, part of the business' Global Services division.

In 2006, he relocated with his family to New Delhi, India, in the role of GE Country Leader, with the mandate to establish the Company's operations in India, while identifying and launching key localization initiatives and partnerships. In 2009, he was nominated to the role of Turbomachinery Applied Technology leader based in Florence, Italy, where he was responsible for the product leadership of the entire Turbomachinery portfolio, which spans from compressors to gas and steam turbines, turboexpanders, pumps, valves and control systems. In this capacity, Riccardo has spearheaded the development, testing and feasibility of new technologies such as the LM6000 for mechanical drive, the first floating LNG applications, and increasing the competitiveness of GE's steam turbines through the development of new high speed/high efficiency blades.

In 2013, Riccardo joined GE Aerospace Systems as AVIO integration leader, based in Turin, Italy. In this role, Riccardo led the team that planned the smooth transition of AVIO into GE. He was promoted to CEO of Avio Aero in mid-2013. In May 2020, he assumed additional responsibilities as CEO of GE Additive, and in December 2022 increased his leadership scope to include the Dowty Propellers and Unison Industries teams.

Riccardo holds a master's degree in mechanical engineering and a Ph.D. in turbomachinery from the University of Rome "La Sapienza".

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