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marine technology

GE's Global Marine business offers customers the latest advances in propulsion systems, exhaust energy recovery systems, and combustor systems.

GE provides advanced gas turbine cycles for ship propulsion

Propulsion architecture is based on the power required, the duty cycle, environmental concerns, and many other factors. Below are a few of the most popular cycles used for ship propulsion employing GE Marine gas turbines:

  • Combined gas turbine system mechanical drive - driving propellers (COGAG)
  • Combined gas turbine and diesel mechanical drive (CODAG)
  • Combined gas turbine or diesel mechanical drive (CODOG)
  • Hybrid drive options: combined diesel electric or gas turbine (CODOG)
  • Integrated electric propulsion combined gas turbine and/or diesel electric
marine technology gas turbine

Exhaust energy recovery systems

GE provides efficient heat-to-power products.

  • Closed loop system uses CO2 as the working fluid to convert exhaust energy into electricity, with system efficiency approaching 50%
  • Properties of CO2 provide for a smaller, more efficient, and cost-effective waste heat recovery system
  • The system works efficiently with exhaust gas supplied by either gas turbines or diesels with exhaust temperature ranging from 464°F to 1112°F (240°C to 600°C)
marine technology recovery systems

Dry Low Emissions combustor system

GE's optional Dry Low Emissions combustor system produces emissions lower than current marine requirements. It meets IMO Tier III NOx emissions limits with no exhaust treatment system.

  • Can burn multiple fuels including LNG
  • No methane slip
  • Handles gas fuel variation with Wobbe #40-60 and may be able to accommodate a lower number on GE Marine review
  • Meets further NOx reduction for the 2030 zero-emission vessel targets
marine technology cumbustor system

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