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From Designing Engines to Selling Them, Adity Shekhar Demonstrates Prowess

May 22, 2024 | by Lauren Devoy

All throughout her higher education journey, it was common for Adity Shekhar to be the only woman in her classes. 

The engineer turned sales director for GE Aerospace in South Asia, began her career in the Edison Engineering program after completing her master’s degree in mechanical engineering design at The Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. 

It was those early days in school that taught her perseverance. 

“It was definitely a struggle,” she recalls. “But I persevered, because I knew that I had to forge my own path, and trailblaze for the women who would come after me. In the end, the experience taught me a lot about never giving up and being a self-advocate.”

Later, when she joined the sales team at GE Aerospace, she was also the only woman on the South Asia team. Over the last five years in her role, however, she has seen a lot of progress made toward gender equity. Further, Shekhar has been very pleased with the field’s increasing gender diversity overall. 

All images courtesy of Adity Shekhar.

If she could give women who want to pursue a career in aviation any advice, she would tell them that anything is possible with the proper focus. 

“Your drive and passion will propel you miles ahead,” she says.

When she finished the Edison Engineering Program, Shekhar saw great potential for personal growth in changing paths, feeling that her engineering expertise would make her a great salesperson for the engines she knew so well.

Now, she is focused on ensuring airlines realize the substantial benefits of GE Aerospace technology and engines. And she loves that she has the opportunity to be in the center of all the action within the industry.

“When you talk to a customer, they aren’t just looking to make a purchase, they’re also looking for advice about the technology,” she says. “I get to talk about GE Aerospace’s cutting-edge technology every day, and nothing can beat that excitement.”

Shekhar also appreciates the continuous improvement culture at GE Aeropace, which enables her to increase her knowledge beyond sales and engineering, and is inspired by the encouragement she receives from her mentors as well.   

Shekhar always saw herself working in aviation. It’s where her passion is, and she loves interacting with people in aviation because of the enthusiasm that’s deeply imbedded within the industry. 

 “Our customers are AvGeeks, like all of us at GE Aerospace. They’re in the field because of their love for aviation,” she adds. 

Outside of work, her priorities include caring for her four-year-old son and nine-year-old daughter. She is intent on ensuring that they receive a good education and adores being a mom, spending all the time she can with her kids. 

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