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GE Aerospace

Powering frontline

fighters and trainers
One of the most versatile engines in its class, GE Aerospace’s F404 engine is a compelling choice for new armed forces applications around the globe. Selected to power the new T-7A Red Hawk advanced jet trainer for the U.S. Air Force, the F404 continues to set the standard for performance, simplicity, and capability aboard a growing range of aircraft.
    The F404 Engine

    GE Aerospace’s F404-GE-103 features the latest technologies to improve engine durability, simplify maintenance, and enhance single-engine safety to support advanced jet training for the next generation of military pilots.



    More than 4,000 F404 engines delivered

    Proven design
    Combat proven on both the F-117 and the F-18 Hornet, the F404 engine has demonstrated performance and reliability through over 13 million engine flight hours.



    Over 13 million flight hours flown on F404 fleet

    Unrestricted operation
    The F404 offers unrestricted engine performance on demand with rapid engine throttle response and zero throttle restrictions. Excellent afterburner light-off and stability ensure extra thrust is ready on demand.



    Have F404-powered aircraft in operation or on order

    Maintenance focused
    Its six-module engine architecture is reliable, easy to maintain, and interchangeable. With no scheduled overhauls and on-condition maintenance, the F404 maximizes engine availability.
    David L. Goldfein (retired)
    Air Force Chief of Staff shortly after the selection of the new trainer
    “This is all about joint warfighting excellence.” We need the T-X (T-7A) to optimize training for pilots heading into our growing fleet of fifth-generation aircraft.”

    Engine Specifications

    Thrust Class
    17,700 lb
    18,100 lb
    19,000 lb
    154 in
    154 in
    154 in
    Maximum diameter
    35 in
    35 in
    35 in
    146 lb/sec
    152 lb/sec
    153 lb/sec
    Pressure Ratio