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GE Aerospace

Integrated. Certified.

Fully committed to the Advanced F-15 since day one. The Advanced F-15EX Eagle II requires trusted and qualified engines now to keep up with evolving global mission needs. Only GE Aerospace’s F110 has already been delivered to the U.S. Air Force, eliminating the risk of development time and cost. GE Aerospace has the only certified and in-production engine that powers every Advanced F-15 in service today, including the F-15EX.
    Selected to accelerate
    the Advanced F-15

    GE Aerospace’s Advanced F110 engine has been significantly improved to adapt to the unique demands of the F-15EX. New increased airflow, jet engine efficiency, a three-stage chord blisk fan, and an advanced radial augmentor reduce complexity, improve maintainability, and increase the life span of parts. Built with capability in reserve, the F-110 engine can adapt to changing global threats and mission needs for decades to come.


    Additional jet engine development time required

    Lowest risk
    With all testing complete and fly-by-wire fully integrated, GE Aerospace is the lowest-risk solution for the entire F-15EX fleet.



    F-15EX engines in service, on order, or on option

    Mission ready
    Global threats present an urgent and compelling need for the most dependable fighters. Only GE Aerospace’s active engine production line and robust supply chain are equipped to power the F-15EX now.



    Have selected F110-powered aircraft for their fleets

    Lowest-cost option for the taxpayer
    Plus, strong USAF and allied military interoperability allows shared resources and efficiencies.

    The Engine of Choice


    Fully committed to the Advanced F-15 since day-one

    GE bg-image

    GE Aerospace
    Engine Specifications
    Thrust class - 29,000 lb
    Length - 182.3 in
    Maximum diameter - 46.5 in
    Airflow - 270 lb/sec
    Bypass ratio - 0.76

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