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Farnborough International Air Show 2024

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GE Aerospace
GE Aerospace 2024 
2nd Quarter Earnings
GE Aerospace

Technology to enable a more sustainable tomorrow

Modern aviation's greatest challenge

Decarbonizing commercial flight is the greatest challenge the modern aviation industry has ever faced. Not because of the technical advancements needed to achieve it, but because there is no other option but to make it happen. We take seriously our role in shaping the future of flight, and we have the spirit, ambition, and means to deliver now, in the near term, and for the next three decades.



Better fuel efficiency

GE Aerospace's commercial engines today are designed to be 40% more fuel efficient compared to engines made in the 1970s.



In research and development

Our research and development spending in 2023 was $2.3 billion, including GE Aerospace customer and partner funding.



Target CO2 reduction

With next-generation technologies, our goal is to further improve fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions by 20% compared to today's most efficient engines.



Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)

All GE Aerospace engines can operate on approved Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) today and GE engines have been successfully tested with 100% SAF that doesn’t require blending with conventional jet fuel.


The first three-stream adaptive cycle engine for a new era of combat propulsion

Military propulsion: The only option ready to deliver for the U.S. and its allies

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Take flight
with us

Join us, and help advance flight for future generations

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