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As a world-leading manufacturer and service provider for jet engines, GE Aerospace works closely with suppliers around the globe.

Together, GE Aerospace and its suppliers are committed to transparency and delivering on time, every time.
    GE Aerospace
    Terms & Conditions
    GE Aerospace’s current Terms and Conditions of Purchase, which are incorporated by reference on all GE Aerospace purchase orders, are below:
    If you would like the text of other PO Remarks or previous versions of Terms and Conditions, please use our search tool.

    Documents Referenced in Terms & Conditions

    US Government FAR/DFARS Flowdown Requirements
    Reimbursement Schedule
    Supplier Security Requirements
    UK Government & UK MOD Cyber Security Requirements
    Protected Health Information Agreement
    Integrity Guide for Suppliers, Contractors and Consultants
    International Code of Conduct for Private Service Providers
    Supplier Travel and Expense Policy
    GE Aerospace eLearning Content Specifications
    French Decree 2011-1601 "Fight Against Undeclared Work" [FR]
    French Decree 2011-1601 "Fight Against Undeclared Work" [EN]
    GE Aerospace
    GE Aerospace Privacy and Data Protection Terms
    Visit our Privacy Policies page for GE Aerospace Privacy and Data Protection Documents.
    • Standard and Contractual Clauses
    • PDPA
    • IT Security Documents

    Supply Chain Web Center

    Login to the GE Aerospace Supply Chain Web Center for access to your business tools.
    GE Aerospace
    About SEPM
    Supplier Expectations and Performance Management (SEPM) is a holistic process designed to:
    • Foster a strong partnership between GE Aerospace and its suppliers Assess safety, compliance and quality and other supplier health criteria Facilitate transparency and accountability with world-class performance levels
    GE Aerospace
    GE Aerospace’s Commitment to Compliance & Integrity Guide
    Suppliers are responsible for ensuring that they and their employees, workers, representatives and subcontractors comply with the standards of conduct required of GE Suppliers.