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Defining the Future of Flight

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Defining the future of industry

For more than 130 years, GE has invented the future of industry. From Thomas Edison’s first incandescent light bulb to today’s internet-connected jet engines, GE’s home-grown technologies spur world-changing transformations. Fundamental to GE’s DNA is the ardent desire to innovate, which is where you’ll find GE Aerospace Research. We operate at the intersection of science and creativity, delivering solutions that define the future of flight, lift people up, and bring them home safely. 

    GE Aerospace’s

    innovation powerhouse
    Our world-class GE Aerospace Research team works hand-in-hand with GE Aerospace, the U.S. government, academia, and industry partners. Together we are mapping an elevated future for air travel; mobilizing a new era of growth in aerospace and defense that balances the current needs of our industry with those of future generations.
      GE Aerospace
      We believe this to our core, which is why we have the world’s most interdisciplinary powerhouse of researchers. Drawing from our population allows us to tackle the world’s hardest problems from every angle, particularly ones that are unseen through just one lens.

      With over 100 years of experience solving GE’s and the world’s toughest challenges, we’re ready to get to work for you.
      GE Aerospace
      Redefining the Aerospace industry
      At GE Aerospace Research, we are delivering innovations that define the future of flight, lift people up, and bring them home safely.  GE Aerospace Research is ambitiously tackling advanced propulsion, novel materials, and digital technologies with ardent execution and focus. 
      GE Aerospace
      GE Aerospace Research is comprised of three organizations: Aero-Thermal & Mechanical Systems, Digital & Electrical Systems, and Materials & Manufacturing Technologies. With 800+ Researchers in 31 groups, we work to disrupt the status quo and elevate the future of air travel by forging exponential innovations that turn cutting edge research into impactful realities.
      Ready to see your future take flight? Apply today.

      Looking to build on an impressive path carved by generations of GE scientists, researchers, admins, and interns? Learn more about our GE Aerospace Research, our culture, and our open positions.

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        The GE Aerospace Research team

        GE Aerospace Research’s talented group of scientists and researchers stand ready to deliver real impact for our customers.