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On Wing Support

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GE Aerospace’s On Wing Support is a full-service provider with the regulatory certification and OEM engineering support needed to complete complex engine repairs. Providing 24/7 AOG support, we dispatch OEM-trained technicians with tooling and parts to the flight line to provide repair solutions that help avoid unscheduled engine removal.
    GE Aerospace
    Avoid flight delays and schedule interruptions with on wing repairs
    The On Wing Support team performs approved repairs at the flight line for all GE Aerospace, CFM56 and LEAP* engines, including borescope inspection/blending, line replaceable unit (LRU), fan module, gearbox repair/removal, and many additional workscopes.
    *CFM56 and LEAP are trademarks of CFM International, a 50/50 joint company between GE and Safran Aircraft Engines.
    GE Aerospace
    Avoid an unscheduled overhaul shop visit with repairs
    We can exchange engines with a full quick engine change (QEC) swap. On Wing Support will then service your engine at one of our quick-turn shops that can repair or replace the fan, compressor, combustor, high pressure turbine and low-pressure turbine modules. GE Aerospace’s On Wing Support will coordinate the repair of modules to ensure the engine is repaired quickly and reliably. On Wing Support is an authorized provider for engine service bulletins and warranty programs for GE Aerospace, CFM56, and LEAP engines.
    GE Aerospace
    Your maintenance needs are met with our full-service offerings
    Our service stations carry FAA, EASA, and local regulatory certifications with authorizations to perform services in the field outside of their fixed bases. Our service comes with full component, tooling, logistics, engineering, and project management support to provide an integrated solution that meets your needs.

    On Wing Support locations

    Dallas (DFW)

    +1 214 960 3322

    FAA (US), EASA BI (EU)
    TCCA (Canada)
    CAAP (Panama)
    DGAC (Mexico

    +1 859 334 4020

    AVIATION OWS CVG Planning and Technical Resources: [email protected]

    FAA (US), TCCA (Canada), ANAC (Brazil), EASA BI (EU), QCAA (Qatar), AFAC (Mexico) - FAA/EASA Dual Release

    44 208 893 7107

    [email protected]

    UK CAA (UK), EASA (EU), FAA (US), GCAA (UAE), GACA (Saudi), TCCA (Canada) - covered under UK CAA bi-lateral agreement, KCAA (Kenya), CAA (Oman) - formerly PACA

    +974 3026 5291

    +974 30748 8278

    [email protected]

    EASA (EU), FAA (US), QCAA (Qatar), PACA (Oman)



    [email protected]

    EASA (EU), GCAA (UAE), PACA (Oman)

    +86 21 3877 7581

    CAAC (China), EASA (EU), FAA (US)

    82 31 961 1740

    [email protected]\FAA (US), EASA (EU), CAAC (China), MOLIT (Korea), CAAV (Viet Nam), CAAT (Thailand), CAAM (Malaysia)