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A new era of flight
Innovation is in our DNA

GE Aerospace is a world leader in jet engine manufacturing, known for its powerful performance and reliable build. Our fleet services are unrivalled.

Established expertise, partnership & commitment

GE Aerospace builds on it’s 100+ years of innovating through mobilizing a new era of growth in aerospace and defense — one that balances the current needs of our industry with those of future generations, surpassing what is expected and delivering what is essential. Where others stop, we accelerate.

Featured news
February 20, 2024
Thai Airways Orders GEnx-1B Engines for Boeing 787 Fleet Expansion


One of the most exciting aspects of our digital era is the pervasiveness of its impact on the world. Whether it’s embedded within an asset or living in the cloud, transforming data into insights, intelligence and outcomes is the power of digital. Combine that with our deep domain expertise and access to industrial assets and ecosystems, and the power becomes transformative.

Only GE Aerospace Research has the network to approach your needs from every angle, providing digital solutions on the edge or across a network of assets. Do you have a custom analytical or big data need? Challenge us with your problem and we’ll bring you real results.

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When you're solving the world's toughest problems, you generate plenty of unique insights along the way. In the case of GE Aerospace Research, that's over 60,000 insights that have found their way to patents. And now, we're turning those insights into transactable solutions.

Tapping into our portfolio of intellectual property is a great way to work with us. License a specific patent of technology portfolio, partner with us on an exciting new venture, or create competitive advantage through knowledge sharing.

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