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RigidizableGuide Tube

GE Aerospace

Improving the accuracy

and repeatability
A stable platform for repeatable inspection. GE Aerospace’s Fuel Nozzle Rigidizable Guide Tube (RGT) aids GEnx -1B and -2B customers with achieving quick inspections of the Aft Heat Shield. The RGT aligns and orients existing customer borescopes, providing a stable platform to obtain repeatable perpendicular views of the Aft Heat Shield, enabling an accurate assessment of the condition of the hardware.
    GE Aerospace
    A window into the future of inspection
    Windows along the length of the RGT are aligned with the fuel nozzles, allowing the side view borescope tip a perpendicular view of the aft heat shields. Fuel nozzles are viewable using 2 opposite borescope ports, enabling a full fuel nozzle set inspection in less than 1 hour.

    Compatibility with 6mm borescopes from leading manufacturers, with side facing measurement and non-measurement tips.

    GE Aerospace

    GEnx Fuel Nozzle Inspection with and without RGT

    With FN RGT
    Without FN RGT
    Process time
    Less than 1 hour
    Significant Inspection Required ~4hrs
    Inspection ability
    All Fuel Nozzles
    (The 2 in front of the borescope ports
    can be easily seen using the borescope alone)
    All Fuel Nozzles
    Repeatable positioning enabling rapid location of Fuel Nozzles.
    Repeatable orientation and alignment providing a perpendicular view of the fuel nozzles
    Very limited and inspector dependent
    Calibration and servicing
    Return to base servicing required once a year (or after 50 engine deployments).
    Regular calibration intervals

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