Hooksett, NH

Hooksett facility

hooksett facility

One of the largest of GE Aerospace’s nearly 80 supply chain operations worldwide, the Hooksett facility employs nearly 900 workers specializing in high-technology machining and manufacturing operations to support GE’s aircraft engine business

The components produced at the Hooksett facility can be found on nearly every engine we currently produce, including:

  • The GE90, the world’s largest, most powerful jet engine
  • The CFM Leap, the world’s fastest selling engine
  • The T700, which powers more than 6,300 military helicopters

The Hooksett team is proud of more than 50 years of growth and innovation in the Granite State.


GE Aerospace’s Hooksett, NH, site employs nearly 900 people working in a variety of high-skill, high-technology jobs, producing critical jet engine components for GE’s growing installed base of commercial and military engines.

The plant is among the largest of GE Aerospace’s worldwide network of nearly 80 manufacturing, assembly and engine overhaul facilities that together employ some 27,000 people producing nearly 4,000 engines per year.

Hooksett people

Plants and Products

For more than 50 years, Hooksett has played an important role in manufacturing components for GE Aerospace jetengines. The growing site has been the focus of steady investment from GE, including more than $70 million over the last three years to modernize the plant and equipment to support introduction of new engines for GE’s commercial and military customers.

hooksett plant


A strong culture of collaboration is a critical component of the Hooksett site’s history. The leadership team values the ability to work together to create a rewarding environment for employees and to deliver on commitments to customers through continuous improvement in operations. We believe the best way to support this culture of collaboration is to remain a non-union site.

hooksett culture