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Introducing the lab of the future

November 03, 2015

The ribbon has been cut.

Earlier today, Polonia Aero announced the official opening of one of the world’s largest and most advanced cold flow turbine test laboratories; a unique example of collaboration between industry and universities, the project combines Polish scientific capabilities and innovation in the aerospace industry.

Polonia Aero is a scientific-industrial consortium comprising of Avio Aero and its Polish industrial partners: the Warsaw-based Military Aircraft Works No. 4, the Military University of Technology, and the Warsaw University of Technology.  The consortium came to reality through the construction of the brand-new Cold Flow Test Facility in Zielonka (very close to Warsaw, Poland), designed to conduct industrial research and development activities in the aerospace industry, including the testing of low-pressure turbines for aircraft engines.

Polonia Aero_Agosto 2015_Cold Flow (18)Avio Aero, a GE Aviation business which specializes in the design, production and maintenance of components and systems for the civil and military aviation industry, is the main initiator and project leader of the consortium. The Military University of Technology and the Warsaw University of Technology are involved with their scientific capabilities, professional expertise and technical knowledge in the field of aviation and engineering.

Three main goals of the turbine testing are: curtail fuel consumption, reduce pollution and reduce noise emissions.

To do so, the aerodynamic conditions of the turbines in the new cold flow facility are similar to those that occur in-flight, but at lower temperatures.  The testing mechanism is relatively simple: air drawn from the outside environment is compressed and heated up to 375°C before being thrust at a maximum flow rate of 80 kg/sec towards the low-pressure turbine to be tested. Monitoring the airflow inside the turbine—with meticulously configured and controlled conditions and parameters—enables testers to observe and assess its reactions, validate numeric models and define areas for improvement.

The $60 million Cold Flow Test Facility is a strategic asset in enhancing the technological level of low-pressure turbines. In 2016, Polonia Aero will be running tests for the Polish technological program Innolot (which aims to finance scientific research on innovative solutions for the aerospace industry), at the same time testing will be confirming the efficiency level required to reach the Specific Fuel Consumption targets of the GE9X engine program.  The GE9X engine is the next generation engine that will power the Boeing 777X, and Avio Aero has primary responsibility for the low-pressure turbine.

Enjoy this exclusive virtual tour inside the brand-new facility. 





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