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On-wing support site now serving Latin America

February 11, 2016
GE Aviation now has a fully operational on-wing support base in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to better serve operators in the Latin American region. The operation center is certified with the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the ANAC (the Brazilian Airworthiness Organization) - and is looking to add certifications from additional countries such as Chile, Argentina and Panama.
“We work in close proximity to our well-established GE Aviation Services-Celma engine overhaul facility,” says Brian Boyle, who leads GE’s global on-wing support operations. “The Brazil site is evolving – we’ve completed CFM56 top case maintenance, GE90 S6 LPT blade replacement, and more. And the operation center is expanding to include additional quick turns, top case repairs, quick engine changes, module-level repairs and modules replacement – along with world-class AOG [aircraft-on-ground] support.

OWS-RioMaintenance services for CF34-8C/-8E engines are planned for early 2016, and the center has now gained GE90 regulatory approval.

The Brazil site is uniquely positioned to provide customer support with all the technology and infrastructure already present in Latin America, states Tony Pena, regional director for GE’s on-wing support division. This includes highly trained technicians, field service engineers, product support engineers and customer service managers, along with 20+ years of GE on-wing support experience across all GE, CFM and Engine Alliance products via eight global locations and 10 additional partners and support suppliers.
“This is not only a huge step forward for our team,” says Guido Costa, GE on-wing support (Rio) site leader, “it’s also a big win for the region with how we can now deliver enhanced rapid-repair capabilities and solutions to our customers.”

For more information, email GE Aviation Fleet Support, or call: +1-513-552-3272 (international) or 877-432-3272 (toll-free within the U.S.).

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