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GE Aerospace’s Quick Six With Military Veteran Amanda Dolsen

December 19, 2023 | by Meti Berhanu
From working parents to military veterans, GE Aerospace would not be the company it is today without its employees. We created “Quick Six” to celebrate our diverse talent by asking employees six questions that uncover the unique ways that they contribute to GE Aerospace and the world.

In this Quick Six, we sat down with Amanda Dolsen, who is in the Military Officer Leadership Program (MOLP).

In her combined 11 years in the army, eight of those on active duty, Dolsen served as an Army Logistics Officer, where she led all aspects of Army logistics, including transportation and distribution, maintenance, ammunitions as well as managing fuel, water, and food distribution. She also managed parachute and aerial delivery commodities along with operations planning.


What is your role at GE Aerospace?

I am a Materials Planning and Execution Leader in the Materials Value Stream in Evendale, Ohio. I am responsible for ensuring parts are moving on a schedule that works for both GE Aerospace and the supplier. My biggest touchpoint is with Boeing Distribution.

How would you describe the MOLP?

MOLP is a leadership program that is designed to use the skills that we as former military leaders have gained and grow those skills and implement them in a way that benefits us and GE Aerospace. There are so many opportunities across MOLP to be involved in different facets of the business, and this program allows us to gain knowledge about a variety of those divisions.

All images courtesy of Amanda Dolsen.

How did you find transitioning from the Military to GE Aerospace?

I had another logistics job for about a year in between leaving the Army and coming to GE Aerospace.  Had I come straight to GE Aerospace from the military it would have been a lot easier for me. I’m really happy here and have such a sense of community within the MOLP program among other veterans. These are all people who understand me and my background. I didn’t have that at my last job, and I think that is a true testament to GE Aerospace and how they take care of former service members.

What are some highlights and challenges of the MOLP?

My highlight of MOLP so far has been the summits we do quarterly. I have had the opportunity to attend two of them now and I have had such an amazing time being able to network with other vets across GE Aerospace and learn so many things outside of just my job. For example, we did a finance training at the first summit I attended, and it was amazing to get more of a grasp on business finance as a MOLP who doesn’t have an MBA or prior business training. The biggest challenge in my role has been learning the systems that we use to plan for materials movement. Some of them can be finicky, so there has been a lot of practice to make muscle memory happen over the last few months.

What are some key learnings you have taken from the program thus far?

I’ve learned that you don’t have to set your sights on one thing. It’s okay to explore if you have interests outside of your division. Also, I’ve learned that using the Veteran’s Network is key. We are really lucky to have such an expansive veteran’s network here at GE Aerospace and the resources are endless.

Would you recommend this program to others? If so, what advice do you have for those considering applying?

I would recommend this program again and again. There is nothing like it. I have been so grateful for the opportunities it has provided me, and I can’t wait to see what else is in store. GE Aerospace has provided mentorship opportunities both within my division and outside of it, from vets and non-vets, and from amazing female leaders. The possibilities are endless here for growth along with the potential to learn and do something new and different.

To anyone who is thinking of applying, do it! Do not let imposter syndrome get in your way— you have valuable skills and can be a major asset to this organization, and in turn GE Aerospace can do amazing things for you and your career.

Visit the website to learn about more MOLP opportunities.

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