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From #FIA16 with GE Aviation | Digital Solutions for TrueChoice

July 12, 2016
We’re just in the first innings of learning and applying our new digital capabilities for our customers and our business. Our path in Services is to use analytics to make our offerings better. At the Farnborough Air Show this week, we’re demonstrating and releasing our first generation of productivity tools for customers as part of our TrueChoice Services product suite. View GE Aviation Services announcements from Farnborough here.

Our installed base of some 35,000 engines generates a tremendous amount of data. And our Predix platform gives us the capability to connect that engine data with other data sources like environmental data, manufacturing data and airline operating data to make faster, better decisions that help customers impact some of their highest cost drivers, including fuel, operational disruption and maintenance.

Analytics is giving us the opportunity to better manage operational reliability and durability for our customers, the opportunity to better manage our business, and the opportunity to make better engineering decisions, and it’s an opportunity to better commercially customize offerings for customers.

Everyone talks the game. For me, it’s walking a good game that matters. You have to deliver. We’ve got our head down working on differentiating what we do with digital and analytics. We’re providing our customers simple, clear commercial offerings backed with faster, easier decisions through analytics. And the tools we’re demonstrating at Farnborough this week are just the beginning.

-Kevin McAllister, President and CEO of GE Aviation, Services

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