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Overhauling GE Aviation engine services

April 06, 2016

Introducing our TrueChoice™ services suite. Yesterday, Kevin McAllister, President & CEO of GE Aviation, Services,  took to the stage at the annual MRO Americas tradeshow to introduce our new TrueChoice™ suite of engine maintenance offerings for commercial engine customers.

A key tenet of our approach to the services business is a commitment to helping customers address their biggest challenges across the engine lifecycle. Even at 12-year lows, fuel accounts for between 30% and 50% of aircraft-related operating costs, while maintenance costs alone are in the single digits.

We view every shop visit as an opportunity to help customers improve operating efficiency. We continually invest in developing new technology that can be inserted in existing engines to improve their fuel burn and extend reliability.

For example, the GE90-115B’s time on wing has grown 15% since it entered service, and fuel efficiency has improved by 1.3%. The CFM56-7 that powers the Boeing 737 has seen time on wing grow 20%, and fuel burn improve by 2%. And the CF6-80C, a stalwart of the widebody fleet for more than three decades, has seen a 30% improvement in time on wing, and a 2.5% improvement in fuel efficiency since entry into service.

This lifecycle perspective extends to our newest engines, which feature groundbreaking technologies delivering the next generation of fuel efficiency. For example, the GEnx is nearly 15% more fuel efficient than the CF6 it replaces. And the CFM LEAP engine, which will enter service this summer on the Airbus A320neo, also enables a 15% efficiency gain.

And the technologies we have developed to make that possible can be infused into the installed base of engines to continue to improve performance.

"If you like our engines on day one, you are going to love them in year 20," said McAllister.

The companion to our emphasis on improvement over the lifecycle is our commitment to offering our airline, lessor and MRO customers the freedom to choose the maintenance and materials solutions that work best for them. This combination of Choice and commitment to technology over the lifecycle is the foundation of the TrueChoice brand we launched this week at the MRO Americas show in Dallas, Texas

TrueChoice consists of four groups of offerings:

  • TrueChoice™ Flight Hour
    Customized offerings that help optimize cost of ownership over the entire lifecycle with flexible risk transfer and payment options.


  • TrueChoice™ Overhaul
    Time and material overhauls with tailored workscopes specific to shop visit objectives, economic priorities and ownership horizon, whether for one engine or an entire fleet.


  • TrueChoice™ Material
    High-quality new and used OEM parts, advanced repairs and technology upgrades for airlines and MROs that enhance engine performance over the lifecycle and support higher engine residual value.


  • TrueChoice™ Transitions
    A broad range of options for changing ownership horizons, including green time leases, exchanges, material buy-back, and custom work scopes with shorter builds and maximum used material. Additional products for lessors are designed to accommodate a change in owner or operator.

Each of the TrueChoice offerings is underpinned by GE Aviation’s capability and experience with using data and analytics to offer new insights to customers to reduce maintenance burden and service disruptions.

Learn more about the TrueChoice suite of products and services at




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