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Repair shops combining ops: GE Aviation's Singapore repair facilities combining operations

August 25, 2016
GE Aviation’s two Singapore component repair facilities, GEASO and GE-ATI, have been merged into a single legal entity and now hold a common site airworthiness regulatory certificate. The new entity is called GE Aviation, Engine Services – Singapore.
“Integrating GEASO and GE-ATI into one legal and operating entity enables us to leverage a combined workforce, capacity and capital resources to better serve our customers today,” says Dev Rudra, GE Singapore site leader. “It also simplifies how we use our current footprint to add capabilities to meet future customer demand.”

Facilities Naming: The facilities have been renamed as GE Aviation, Engine Services—Singapore (Plant 23) [formerly known as “GEASO”] and GE Aviation, Engine Services—Singapore (Plant 62) [formerly known as “GE-ATI”]. The numerical designations align with the plants’ physical addresses – which are both located on Loyang Way.

two sitesLegal Entity Change: As of June 3, 2016, both locations have assumed the new legal entity name GE Aviation, Engine Services – Singapore Pte. Ltd. To help differentiate the two physical locations, the legal entity name will also include Plant 23 or Plant 62, accordingly. All official documents, such as regulatory release certifications and billing statements, will now reflect the new legal entity name.

Customer Service: Some of the activities and processes are being integrated to one team for both locations. If you have a customer service representative/manager this should not change.
Leadership: There is now one site leader and one leadership team for both plant locations.

Repair Certifications: Both locations share a single common airworthiness certification from the regulatory agencies (FAA, EASA, CAAC, CAAS, DCAM, CAAT).

Additional Procedures and Operations: For shipping of parts, there will still be two separate dock locations (one for Plant 23, one for Plant 62) – the same as before. Customers should continue to ship parts to the same addresses they used prior to the combination of sites, i.e.: High-pressure compressor (HPC) parts ship to Plant 62, all other part types ship to Plant 23. There will be little-to-no changes in what engine components or piece parts are repaired at each plant location.

“The integration provides an opportunity to leverage skills, technical expertise and best practices at both sites and will enable us to adapt more quickly to a changing marketplace and satisfy evolving customer needs,” adds Siok Lian Lee, GE's customer service business leader in Singapore.


For billing procedures and other specifics, please contact your GE customer service representative.



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