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GE Aviation Awarded More Than $476 Million in Military Contracts Over Last Month

April 16, 2020 | by Nick Hurm
GE Aviation powers two-thirds of U.S. military fighters and helicopters and understands that its military customers continue to face aircraft issues related to age, maintenance, supply and support. The more engines and components produced enables more aircraft availability at any given time.

In the last month alone, GE Aviation has been awarded more than $476 million in contracts to produce military engines and hardware to support the U.S. military and international customers.

They include:

A $62 million contract modification to manufacture T700 engines for 40 UH-60M Black Hawk helicopters for the U.S. Army and international customers

A $215 million contract modification to produce 48 F414 engines and modules

A $138.2 million contract to provide TF34 engine supplies to the U.S. Air Force.

A $51.5 million contract modification for eight F414 spare engines, 11 afterburner modules and 12 low pressure turbine modules for the Navy F/A-18

A $9.7 million contract modification to re-start T64 engine core production in support of the H-53E Engine Reliability Improvement Program for the Navy

The majority of work involved in these contracts will be executed at GE Aviation’s facility in Lynn, Massachusetts, and across its U.S. supply chain. “These new contracts underscore the essential role we play as the leading provider of fighter and helicopter engines for our military customers,” said Al Dilibero, GE Aviation’s general manager of Medium Combat & Trainer Engines. “We are honored by these opportunities, which will add to GE’s current installed base of more than 27,000 military engines, most of which were built right here in Lynn.”

Top: Arizona National Guard personnel prepare boxes of personal protective equipment for transport in a GE T700-powered Black Hawk helicopter that will be provided to the Navajo Nation in Chinle, Arizona. (Image credit: U.S. Air National Guard Photo by Staff Sergeant Kelly Greenwell) Above: A GE F414 engine (Image credit: GE Aviation)

While GE Aviation continues to produce engines and components, hundreds of military aircraft around the world are in the air daily to assist in critical areas needed to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

The U.S. military alone is handling a variety of coronavirus responses, including building and converting facilities into temporary care centers, distributing food, providing security and transporting critical medical supplies. According to the U.S. Department of Defense, more than 28,000 National Guard soldiers and airmen in every state and territory have been activated to support COVID-19 response efforts. Hundreds of military aircraft are in the air daily to assist in these measures.

Each day, GE continues to see these aircraft performing a variety of missions—from GE T700-powered Black Hawk helicopters operating daily missions to deliver critical supplies to communities to CF6-powered C-5M Super Galaxy’s used to mobilize medical personnel.

“The efforts of our dedicated military servicemen, servicewomen, and civilians that are responding to the COVID-19 outbreak is heroic,” Dilibero said. “We are focused on doing our part to support the Warfighter.”

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