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Let the heroes fly

April 17, 2017
The Avio Aero site in Brindisi, Italy is home to one of the longest-running specialist centers for aircraft service support activities.

Here, a team of technical support specialists and operators, highly experienced in the maintenance and repair of large aero-derivate turbines and military aircraft engines, carry out services on helicopter engines from the General Electric T700 family, which are fitted on the helicopter fleets of Italy’s Navy, Army and Airforce.

It is also the Italian Police Air Division who entrusts these service specialists with their helicopters dedicated to public order and safety, landscape protection and to any emergency operations – which was the case recently when the aircraft was needed after earthquake and snow emergencies throughout Italy.


Since last August and until the great snowfall at the end of January, on account of the devastating earthquakes that have struck the provinces of Rieti, Ascoli Piceno and Teramo (all located in central Italy), the number of helicopter flights carried out by the Police Force has risen sharply.

Subsequently, the Avio Aero service team from Brindisi has stepped up the frequency of a series of preventive maintenance operations, in order to guarantee full operational readiness for the 11th Police Flight Department in Pescara (the Abruzzo region capital city).

In February, the Bike Shop visited the 11th Police Flight Department in Pescara; there we met with the Operative Director Giuseppe Briganti.

The events in Abruzzo had severely tested the Police Force, especially in terms of flight operations. Avio Aero’s service team helped to maintain the helicopter engines during those intensely challenging days by working side-by-side with the customer at their base – aiding in the aircraft’s mission effectiveness during the snowfall emergencies in the province of Teramo, which alone called for over 40 flight missions.

Giuseppe Briganti introduced us to the Service team and gave us the opportunity to witness how the cooperation between Avio Aero’s service team and the flight center personnel proved to be extremely effective and efficient.

Watch for yourself as we sit down with Giuseppe Briganti and take flight with him in one their Police Force helicopters:

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