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CF34-powered ARJ21 enters service in China

June 28, 2016
The first commercial flight of China's Chengdu Airlines' CF34-10A-powered ARJ21-700 took place today, flying from Chengdu to Shanghai. The ARJ21-700 is the first indigenous Chinese regional jet developed and manufactured by Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd. (COMAC).

Chengdu Airlines, the launch customer of the first Chinese regional jet ARJ21-700 powered by GE’s CF34-10A engines, held ceremonies in both Chengdu and Shanghai to celebrate the milestone.

“Today is a big day for us and for the entire Chinese aviation industry as well,” said Shuai Zhiyong, vice president of Chengdu Airlines. “We’re proud to be the launch operator of this new aircraft and feel this flight is a shining moment in aviation history for all of China as we fly the first regional jet manufactured in our own country into the sky. We believe this aircraft will bring good economics to our operation and great comfort to our passengers. ”

“Today marks such a meaningful milestone for Chengdu Airlines, as well as COMAC, GE Aviation and other suppliers of this brand new regional jet,” said Weiming Xiang, GE Global VP and President of GE Aviation Greater China region. “After years of joint efforts, the aircraft now enters into commercial service. We are proud to power this aircraft, and we are committed to provide our fullest support for the success of its operation.”

COMAC launched the ARJ21 program in 2002, and GE’s CF34-10A engine was selected as the powerplant in the same year. The aircraft received Type Certificate from the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) on December 30, 2014.

The advanced technology of the CF34-10A engine, part of GE's CF34 family, is ideally suited to the design requirement of the ARJ21 aircraft and meets the demanding conditions of China's diverse environment, specifically the hot temperature and high altitude conditions experienced on many routes in Western China. The engine will provide the thrust capability to meet aircraft performance requirements and also offer customers low-cost operations with a highly reliable, easily maintainable propulsion system.

Based on the CF34-10E engine, the key CF34-10A design features include: a wide-chord fan for higher thrust and high tolerance to foreign object damage; 3-D aerodynamic design airfoils in the high-pressure compressor for highly efficient, stall-free operation, as well as better fuel burn and higher exhaust gas temperature margins; a highly durable single annular, low-emissions combustor that meets or surpasses the most stringent emissions standards; and a single-stage high-pressure turbine for lower operating cost.

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