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GE Aerospace to Increase MRO Capability with Brazil Plant Upgrade

May 29, 2024

Company to invest BRL 430 million in expansion of the Tres Rios unit 

May 29, 2024, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – GE Aerospace announced today that it is expanding its Tres Rios Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) plant with an investment of BRL 430 million in response to increased customer volume across the region. The expansion work started earlier this year and is expected to be complete by the fall of 2025. With the plant upgrade, the site will be home to 500 GE Aerospace employees.

"With the Tres Rios plant expansion, we will be able to increase our MRO capabilities, primarily for LEAP engines,” said Luiz Froes, Regional Executive Director & VP Government Relations, Latin America. “This will be possible not only due to the increased room and staff to perform our activities, but thanks to the implementation of FLIGHT DECK, our proprietary lean operating model. We will be able to optimize the distribution of engine parts and pieces across our units in Brazil, helping us meet a growing demand from our clients around the world.”

GE Aerospace currently provides MRO services to over 500 engines in Brazil every year. Services include engine disassembly/reassembly, maintenance/repair/overhaul, inspection, and testing. When the upgrade is concluded in Tres Rios, this number is expected to increase to over 800 engines. 

“This plant upgrade is evidence of GE Aerospace’s trust in the work that Celma has been developing in Tres Rios since 2018, and it naturally reflects how our clients around the world expect us to keep providing world-class MRO services with a relentless focus on Safety, Quality, Delivery, and Cost, in that order. We are proud of this expansion and grateful for all the support Brazil has given to our business throughout the years”, said Julio Talon, Plant Manager, Celma.

The upgrade will result in increasing the repair capacity of CFM LEAP engines in Brazil. The Tres Rios plant was set up in 2018 and is part of the Celma plant complex in Rio de Janeiro state, which also comprises the main Celma plant, 14 Bis, Avio do Brasil, and the Rio de Janeiro plant at the GIG airport.


About GE Aerospace in Brazil 
GE Aerospace has been present in Brazil since 1991, when it acquired a minority stake in Celma. Celma was established in 1951 in Petropolis, Rio de Janeiro state. GE Aerospace powers the fleets of Brazil’s three largest airlines and directly employs approximately 2,500 people in Brazil, across five sites, including maintenance and engineering staff, and sales teams.

About GE Aerospace
GE Aerospace (NYSE: GE) is a global aerospace propulsion, services, and systems leader with an installed base of approximately 44,000 commercial and 26,000 military aircraft engines. With a global team of 52,000 employees building on more than a century of innovation and learning, GE Aerospace is committed to inventing the future of flight, lifting people up, and bringing them home safely. Learn more about how GE Aerospace and its partners are defining flight for today, tomorrow and the future at