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GE Aerospace Successfully Develops and Tests New Hypersonic Dual-Mode Ramjet

July 10, 2024

  • A dual-mode ramjet was developed and tested in less than 11 months
  • Testing demonstrates a threefold increase in airflow compared to previously flight-tested hypersonic technology demonstrators

CINCINNATI – July 10, 2024 – GE Aerospace announced today the successful demonstration of a new, cutting-edge hypersonic dual-mode ramjet. This achievement – which could enable high-speed flight and longer range across numerous multi-mission aircraft – represents the most recent milestone in a diverse portfolio of hypersonic programs.

The dual-mode ramjet began testing in March of this year in the clean air, continuous flow, high-speed propulsion testing facility in Evendale, OH, just 11 months after the launch of the design effort. The testing delivered promising results, exceeding performance expectations and demonstrating robust operation of a dual-mode ramjet with a threefold (3X) increase in airflow compared to previously flight-tested hypersonic technology demonstrators.

"The rapid progression from design to testing underscores our commitment to driving innovation in hypersonic technologies,” said Amy Gowder, president and CEO of Defense & Systems at GE Aerospace. “This milestone not only shows the exceptional talent and dedication of our team but also reaffirms our position as a leader in the pursuit of hypersonic flight."

The successful development and testing of the dual-mode ramjet in such a short period of time was made possible through the collaboration of GE Aerospace’s team of engineers, Innoveering – a company acquired by GE Aerospace in 2022 that specializes in hypersonic propulsion – and GE Aerospace’s Research Center.

“The technology’s robust performance paves the way for the next phase of development, which will focus on continued testing and technology demonstration in alignment with our roadmap for integrated high-speed propulsion solutions,” said Mark Rettig, vice president & general manager of Edison Works Business & Technology Development at GE Aerospace.

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