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GE H Series Turboprops begins conversions for agricultural operators

December 08, 2015

SAVANNAH, Georgia –GE Aviation and Turbine Conversions, Ltd have signed an agreement for delivery of GE H75 & H80 turboprop engines to support aircraft Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) conversions of agricultural aircraft. GE’s H Series engine will now be available to support Turbine Conversion’s STC conversions of Ag Cat, Fat Cat, Air Tractor 400/500 and Thrush aircraft.

The GE H Series engine provides significant improvements in aircraft performance and maintenance simplicity to deliver rugged, reliable power for a range of applications. With 1,040 Thermo HP, the GE H Series engine enables aircraft to operate at higher outside temperatures and higher altitudes. It brings the operator more efficiency and higher security, combined with a significant reduction of maintenance costs.

“Turbine Conversions is pleased to be able to expand our turbine conversion STCs to now include the GE H75 and H80 Series turboprops. We can now offer GE H Series engines directly to our customers as part of our conversion kits, or make them available to existing TCL conversions owners for the update of out-of-time engines,” said Bill Hatfield, President of Turbine Conversion Ltd.

The H Series turboprop engine (designed and manufactured by GE Aviation´s plant in Prague, Czech Republic) has been selected to power a variety of aircraft including the Aircraft Industries L410, the Nextant Aerospace G90XT, the Thrush Aircraft 510G and the CAIGA AG300 aircraft. Built to handle harsh conditions and extreme environments, the H Series engine is ideal for both new and STC aircraft applications serving commuter, business, agriculture and utility aircraft segments all around the world.

The H Series turboprop family incorporates GE's 3-D aerodynamic design techniques and advanced materials to create a powerful, fuel-efficient, durable engine with no recurrent fuel nozzle inspections and no hot section inspections. GE is also developing an integrated electronic engine control (EEC) for true single lever power control, and full auto-start capability to help ease pilot workload for H Series-powered aircraft. Certification of the EEC is expected in the first half of 2016 with the first application being the Nextant G90XT.

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