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AiRXOS Supercharges Ecosystem Partners to Accelerate Advanced Unmanned Operations – Empowering Customers with End-to-End Unmanned Aircraft System Solution

January 27, 2020

BOSTON -- Today, AiRXOS, a leading provider of Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) solutions, announced the expansion of their Air Mobility Platform Ecosystem with the addition of 11 Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) technology, service, and business partners to help scale and accelerate the adoption of compliant, safe, and extensible UTM solutions for agencies and enterprise organizations.  Joining current partner, Measure, new partners include: Adams and Reese LLP, AeroVironment, Inc., AIRT, Inc., Avitas Systems, a Baker Hughes venture, DeTect Inc., Fortem Technologies, Kongsberg Geospatial, NUAIR and The New York UAS Test Site, SRC, Inc., SPH Engineering, and Syniverse.  

Rapidly-evolving advanced UAS operations demand the right partner ecosystem and expertise to meet the need for true integration of manned and unmanned airspace.   The expanded Air Mobility Platform Ecosystem provides integrated best-in-class technology & functionality, built-in regulatory compliance, and a fully integrated view of airspace for real-time airspace insights - for greater scalability and repeatability of advanced UAS operations.

To showcase these UTM solutions, AiRXOS is launching two new Innovation Centers at the company’s headquarters in Boston, MA, and at the GE Aviation offices in Pinellas Park, FL.   Both sites will showcase real-world Advanced UAS Operations in a Command Center setting. 

“We strongly believe in the power of strategic partnerships to drive the innovation, deliver scale and the economics necessary to support the exponential growth of Advanced UAS Operations,” said Kenneth Stewart, CEO of AiRXOS.  “In integrating our Ecosystem partners into the Air Mobility Platform, we deliver a safe, trusted, seamless global network of leading edge UAS solutions to our customers - an easy way to consume innovation and multiple applications and technologies in one seamless solution.  Every industry leading partner we bring into the Air Mobility Platform Ecosystem brings another layer of value, expertise, and function to our customers and we are pleased to be able to showcase these real-world capabilities in our new Innovation Centers.”

Air Mobility Ecosystem:  Supporting Quotes

 “Adams and Reese is excited to work with AiRXOS to facilitate the integration of advanced drone operations and unmanned traffic management solutions into the national airspace. A number of industries operating within our firm’s southeastern regional footprint will benefit from the joint efforts of AiRXOS and our firm to unlock the maximum advantages of this cost saving and risk reducing technology.” – Grant Guillot, Partner, Adams and Reese LLP

“Simple, reliable UTM solutions are urgently needed to ensure safe and effective flight operations during all types of public safety and disaster response missions.  Our Drone Responders partnership with AiRXOS will allow first responders and emergency managers to help shape how this amazing new technology will help save lives and protect property.” 

-  Christopher Todd, Executive Director, AIRT, Inc.

"DeTect is excited to be working with the AiRXOS team and to be part of the Air Mobility Platform Ecosystem. AiRXOS and its partners are taking a safe, pragmatic approach to moving forward UTM with the technologies that are on the market today, as well as helping steer the future." - Jesse Lewis, General Manager, DTA, DeTect Inc. 

“Fortem is digitizing urban airspace with accurate 3D geofences one venue, campus and city at a time, enabling secure and safe autonomous services. We are excited to provide these services to partners such as AiRXOS." – Tim Bean, CEO, Fortem Technologies

“We’re very pleased to be working with an unmanned traffic management innovator like AiRXOS. Their ability to create a comprehensive surveillance view of operations and then to scale it for a nation-wide use provides an excellent and very unique use case for our technology.” - Ranald McGillis, President, Kongsberg Geospatial

“Partnering with AiRXOS compliments and enhances the UTM capabilities and research that we’ve been conducting in Central New York at the New York UAS Test Site and 50-mile UAS corridor. Together, we will accomplish our collective goal of the safe integration of unmanned aircraft into the national airspace by helping to build a universal UTM system.” – Michael Hertzendorf, CEO, NUAIR

“SRC is proud to support the Air Mobility Ecosystem.  Our continued collaboration with AiRXOS improves the ability to safely and effectively operate UAS and provides a number of benefits to all stakeholders. We look forward to the supporting the continued development of new and exciting applications for this technology and expanding the safe applications of UAS.” - Paul G. Tremont, CEO, SRC, Inc

“UgCS is best known for its comprehensive mission planning toolset for true offline operations. The tightly integrated flight authorization process within the Air Mobility Platform Ecosystem will allow UgCS drone pilots to fly in safe interaction with all airspace participants.” - Janis Kuze, Sales Director, SPH Engineering.

“Our partnership with AiRXOS offers an exciting opportunity to protect Unmanned Aerial Communication Systems so notifications, data, photos and HD video are transmitted with complete control and security to host applications over a secure trusted private network, as opposed to the public internet. This partnership opens the door for numerous use cases, including first responder, surveillance and inspection, which will further the reach and growth of secure UAS technology applications.” – Bill Hurley, Chief Marketing Officer, Syniverse

About AiRXOS

AiRXOS, part of GE Aviation, is making a new way of moving possible. From people, to package and medical delivery, inspections, and public safety - we're taking on the global challenge of the digital drone economy and changing the future of transportation. AiRXOS is digitizing today’s airspace, infusing next generation air traffic management technology and services with world-class aviation expertise and execution, AiRXOS is shaping a new era of transportation through global, commercial Unmanned Aircraft (UA) solutions. 


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