LYNN, Massachusetts--The CT7-8C turboshaft engine, the newest and most powerful of GE Aircraft Engines' (GEAE) T700/CT7 turboshaft engines, has been selected to power the new Sikorsky H-92 Superhawk helicopter. 

Rated in the 3,000-shaft-horsepower class, the CT7-8C produces 25 percent more power than the CT7-8 and 85 percent more than the original T700-GE-700, yet it will fit into all current T700 and CT7 installations. The power increase is attributed largely to an upgraded high-pressure turbine and a new, advanced three-stage low-pressure turbine. In addition, the CT7-8C incorporates an advanced, fully redundant, dual-channel FADEC (full authority digital electronic control) system. 

"The T700/CT7 family enjoys a well-earned reputation for fuel efficiency and a high power-to-weight ratio, as well as reliability and durability, and the CT7-8C will strengthen that reputation," said Ed Birtwell, general manager of GEAE's Turboshaft/Turboprop Project. "The H-92 and CT7-8C will make a great combination." 

Certification of the CT7-8C by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration is targeted for mid-2007, with delivery of engines for the H-92 program to begin mid-2003. 

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