PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- Honeywell [NYSE: HON] and GE Aircraft Engines, a division of General Electric Company [NYSE: GE], announced today that the LV100-5 engine the companies are co-building in a 50/50 partnership has successfully passed the First Engine To Test (FETT) milestone, six days ahead of schedule. 

The GE/Honeywell team, working under a U.S. Army three-year, $196 million contract, completed the FETT in only 18 months. 

"The propulsion system started smoothly and accelerated to a gas generator speed of 34,800 RPM, operated for 15 minutes and shut down smoothly," said Mike Redenbaugh, Vice President & General Manager, Honeywell Propulsion Systems. "All vibrations and temperatures were within operating range and we expect the engine to demonstrate full speed before the end of June." 

"The LV100 will reduce the operational and lifecycle costs of the Abrams powerplant by two-thirds," said Russ Sparks, Vice President and General Manager, Military Engine Programs at GEAE. "We expect the engine to be qualified for production in the fall of 2003. Potential production of the LV100-5 could reach as many as 2800 engines in support of Abrams tank programs." 

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GE Aircraft Engines is the world's leading manufacturer of jet engines for military and civil aircraft, including engines produced by CFM International, a 50/50 joint company of Snecma Moteurs of France and GE. GEAE also manufactures gas turbines, derived from its highly successful jet engine programs, for marine and industrial applications. In addition, GEAE provides comprehensive maintenance support, through its GE Engine Services operation, for GE and non-GE jet engines in service throughout the world. Visit GEAE online at

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