EVENDALE, Ohio - GE Engine Services (GEES) and Standard Aero have entered into an agreement appointing Standard Aero an "Authorized CF34TM Service Provider" for GE Aircraft Engines best-selling CF34-3 and CF34-8 engines.

As an "Authorized CF34TM Service Provider," Standard Aero will offer CF34-3 and CF34-8 operators another source of engine maintenance services performed to GEES quality standards. The agreement provides Standard Aero with GEES' full technical support, including training at GE Aircraft Engines' state-of-the-art Customer Technical Training Education Center (CTEC) in Cincinnati, Ohio; engine manuals, and equipment. In addition, the agreement provides Standard Aero with access to GE spare parts and component repairs, ensuring leading edge technology for Standard Aero's overhaul process and providing CF34 operators with the highest excellence in maintenance quality. The agreement also enables Standard Aero to perform GE warranty repairs.

"Given our excellent track record of repair development and having a complete product mix for regional carriers, this relationship with GE Engine Services represents huge benefits for our new and existing customers around the world," said Paul Soubry Jr., president of Standard Aero Canada. "Standard Aero has a history of high-quality service and experience in servicing regional airlines worldwide. Coupled with our existing in-house parts repair facilities, this will bring significant cost savings to our customers," added Soubry.

Currently, CF34 engines power the Bombardier Regional Jet (CRJ) Series airliner and the Challenger business jet. The CF34 has also been selected to power the Embraer ERJ-170 and ERJ-190 airliners, the Fairchild Dornier 728JET airliner and its corporate variant, the Envoy 7; and the Fairchild Dornier 928JET airliner. The GE CF34-3/-8 engine models continue to grow in popularity as evidenced by the more than 2800 orders and 3100 options.

"GE's CF34 engines are the fastest growing engine fleet in the world," said George Oliver, president and CEO of GE Engine Services. "With this agreement, we are providing the CF34-3/-8 customer base with greater flexibility. We believe this will, in turn, enhance the engine family's marketability by providing our customers with broader service offerings."

This contract supports GE Canada's Industrial Benefits program for the upcoming Maritime Helicopter program to be announced soon by the Federal Government of Canada.

With the growing demand for CF34-3/-8 repair and overhaul, GEES selected Standard Aero as an independent service provider with a track record for superior quality and customer satisfaction. The decision was based on Standard Aero's ability to provide CF34-3/-8 customers with an additional service option in North America without compromising the technical expertise and quality that customers expect from GEES. GEES handles CF34 maintenance and overhaul at its Strother service facility, near Arkansas City, Kansas.

Standard Aero is currently constructing a 40,000-square-foot state-of-art CF34 engine repair facility on its present site in Winnipeg, Canada, with plans to expand that facility to exceed 120,000 square-feet in the future.

GE Engine Services, with 2000 revenues of $6.5 billion, is a global provider of maintenance and support services for operators of GE and non-GE engines. In addition to overhaul and repair, GE Engine Services' solutions to the customer's maintenance needs include component repair, On Wing Support and spare parts. GE Engine Services also maintains engine accessories and key aircraft accessories, provides remote diagnostics monitoring of aircraft in flight, and offers a full range of engine leasing plans. Through GE-IAI Aviation Services, GE Engine Services makes these services plus airframe maintenance available from a single source.

Standard Aero, a member of Dunlop Standard Aerospace, is the world's largest independent small gas turbine engine and accessory repair and overhaul facility. Standard Aero first began the repair and overhaul of turbofan engines used on mid-size regional jets in 1993. The company services Pratt & Whitney Canada, Rolls-Royce, Honeywell and General Electric engines used in regional airliners, helicopters, business aviation, military and government aircraft, and for industrial and marine applications. Standard Aero employs over 2,400 people worldwide.