AiRXOS, part of GE Aviation, today unveils a new portfolio of autonomous solutions and partners to address the needs of autonomous transportation and the rapidly growing air mobility economy.  Today’s announcement underscores AiRXOS commitment to helping customers realize their mobility future by digitally integrating the complex autonomous mobility landscape into the national air space.

“The world is undergoing a massive transformation in how we move,” says Ken Stewart, CEO, AiRXOS.  “From people, to cargo, to delivery, inspections, and public safety - urban air mobility and the new air mobility economy are changing transportation and society. Today’s announcement reflects AiRXOS digital strategy - enabling transportation transformation through commercial infrastructure, advanced operations solutions, and best-in-class technologies.  The new Air MobilityTM portfolio infuses next generation air traffic management technology and services with world-class aviation expertise and execution.  We welcome our technology and customer partners in developing this future-ready autonomous landscape.”

Air Mobility Ecosystem – Scaling the Urban Air Mobility Economy

The Air Mobility Ecosystem, a data-driven partner network of the industry’s leading technology and service innovators, brings together a cloud-based infrastructure, data intelligence, and the core applications and services integral for scaling and running a safe, robust Unmanned Traffic Management system (UTM), into one inter-dependent ecosystem from the core to the cloud.  The Air Mobility Ecosystem is designed to simplify and ease development and implementation, provide an integrated, peer-to-peer infrastructure, centralize monitoring and security, enhance operational control, and support emerging technologies and workloads. AiRXOS is teaming with leading technology and services innovators to support best-in-class solutions to safely connect the complex and often fragmented air mobility landscape. 

Air Mobility Platform – Unified View to Manage the Volume, Velocity, and Variety of Mobility Data

Workflows and uses cases for unmanned traffic management and urban air mobility require different combinations of applications, and services, but the solution stack – the infrastructure and ‘IT grade’ platform - must remain the same for continuity of security, scalability, and data and to reduce application silos. The Air Mobility Ecosystem runs on AiRXOS’ new Air Mobility Platform, a rich, cutting-edge framework allowing unmanned traffic management applications, operations and services to run as needed.  The Air Mobility Platform is a secure, unified view of operations that manages the volume, density, and variety of unmanned traffic data, while coordinating and integrating that data within a secure, FAA compliant, gated cloud environment to ensure safe unmanned operations. 

The Air Mobility Platform provides a unique, agnostic, single point of responsibility to manage and connect heterogeneous sets of operations, applications, and devices - giving enterprises the freedom to manage operations & communications, deploy applications and expand operations as air and ground mobility needs evolve.  The Air Mobility Platform is built on a compliant, cyber-secure architecture, purpose built for Advanced Operations and scaling unmanned traffic systems and supports near real-time data processing, data driven analytics, flight planning operations, advanced operation applications like Beyond Visual Line of Sight, LAANC integration, FAA approval services, and provides federation for device and service management, data acquisition, exposure to applications, and agnostic support for applications. 

Air Mobility Approval Services – Conquering the Complexity of Advanced Operation Approvals

The first application running on the Air Mobility Platform is the new Air Mobility Approval Service application.   Addressing the demand for scalable Advanced Operations by combining consulting services with a streamlined, proprietary, operational data tool, the Air Mobility Approval Service is a lifecycle consulting service that helps organizations and independent operators conquer the complexity of UV waivers and approvals for a more confident and accurate path to gaining Advanced Operations approvals.  A combination of strategic insight, domain expertise, data, and technology, the Air Mobility Approval Service helps organizations to realize the full potential of Unmanned Aircraft (UA) operations by adding Advanced Operations like Beyond Visual Line of Sight and Multi-Vehicle operations.

Where to see AiRXOS at Xponential 2019

Visit AiRXOS in Meeting Room M-8, and join us for these Xponential Panel Sessions:  Karen DiMeo, Strategic Account Manager, AiRXOS, “Understanding Transportation Policy Across Domains” (Monday, April 29th 1:30p-2:30p); Ken Stewart, CEO, AiRXOS, “Enough with the Demonstrations - Time to Operationalize UTM” (Tuesday, April 30th 1:15p -2:15p); Andy Borgyos, Principal Product Manager, AiRXOS, “Data Exploitation and Collaboration Across the Enterprise  (Wednesday, May 1st 11:00a-12:00p); Ted Lester, Chief UTM Engineer, AIRXOS, “Enabling BLVOS operations for Medium and Large UAS RTCA SC-228” (Thursday, May 2nd 11:30a-12:30p).

About AiRXOS

AiRXOS is making a new way of moving possible. From people, to cargo, to delivery, inspections, and public safety - we're taking on the global challenge of the digital drone economy and changing the future of transportation. AiRXOS, part of GE Aviation, is digitizing today’s airspace, infusing next generation air traffic management technology and services with world-class aviation expertise and execution, AiRXOS is shaping a new era of transportation through global, commercial Unmanned Vehicle (UV) solutions. 


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