GE90 Engine Family

GE90 Engine Family

Launched in 1990, the GE90 engine is GE Aerospace’s first engine in the 100,000 pound thrust class and became the most technologically advanced commercial turbofan engine in 25 years.

Powering the twin-engine Boeing 777 aircraft, the GE90 engine combined record thrust and high reliability with lower noise, emissions, and fuel consumption to become an iconic jet engine recognized worldwide for its size and innovations.

Ground-breaking firsts

First Composite fan blade

Composite fan blade

Commercial engine with composite fan blades for double the strength at one-third the weight of traditional titanium fan blades – now a hallmark on GE’s widebody engines

First TO REACH 127K lbs thrust

World record thrust

Engine reached 127,900 Ibs of thrust, a world-record (since broken by the GE9X engine at 134,300 lbs during certification testing)

First FOD free core

FOD free core

Engine incorporated inward opening variable bleed valve doors for a FOD (foreign object debris) free core

First Additive part

Additive part

Engine received FAA approval for additive manufactured compressor sensor

Introducing the GE Aerospace GE90 Engine

Maturation at its finest

GE has continued to invest and improve the engine. GE engineers have enhanced the GE90-115B engine’s compressor, combustor, and high and low pressure turbine components to reduce weight, improve fuel efficiency, and enhance durability.

  • 3.6% reduction in fuel burn from initial launch specification
  • 60% improvement in time on wing
  • world-class 99.98% reliability rate
ge90 maturation finest

Service anywhere you need care

With more than 2,800 GE90 engines delivered around the world, GE and its global network of maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) providers are anywhere that our customers need support. Through GE’s TrueChoice engine services suite, GE90 operators have access to MRO options that can optimize the engine to meet a desired lifecycle with targeted workscopes, optimizing hardware utilization and minimizing cost of ownership.

GE90-94B Engine

Rated at 94,000 lbs. of thrust, the GE90-94B engine builds on the proven success of the early GE90 engine models to power the Boeing 777-200 and 777-300 aircraft.

ge90-94b engine

GE90-115B Engine

After being selected by Boeing to develop an engine with 110,000 to 115,000 lbs. of thrust, GE delivered the GE90-115B engine, which now powers the longer-range Boeing 777-200LR, 777-300ER and 777 Freighter aircraft.

ge90-115b engine

GE90 Engine Model Comparison

Physical Information
Fan/Compressor Stages
Low-Pressure Turbine / High-Pressure Turbine
Maximum Diameter (Inches)
Length (Inches)

Power Specifications
Max Power at Sea Level
Overall Pressure Ratio at Max Power

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