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As the first clean-sheet engine design for the turboprop market in more than 50 years, the Catalyst™ engine ushers in a new era in business and general aviation. By utilizing technologies proven on GE’s larger commercial engines over millions of flight hours, it is balancing “all new” with “low risk and high value,” thus advancing airframer, operator, passenger, and pilot experience. The first business and general aviation application for the Catalyst will be introduced on the brand-new Beechcraft Denali.

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Purpose built with the pilot in mind

Explore the Catalyst Advanced turboprop engine

The Catalyst™ engine features an industry-best 16:1 overall pressure ratio enabling the engine to achieve up to 20 percent lower fuel burn and 10 percent higher cruise power compared to competitors in the same size class.

Propeller gearbox

The propeller gearbox uses planetary gears to supply power generated by the power turbine to the propeller at a significantly reduced RPM. The engine will feature multiple versions of the gearbox to handle a variety of RPM and Shaft Horsepower (SHP) combinations from 850 to 1,650 SHP.

    Power turbine

    The three-stage power turbine connects to the propeller gearbox and provides power for the aircraft propeller. Use of three stages combined with 3D aerodynamic design maximizes the power extraction and efficiency across the entire flight envelope.

      High pressure turbine

      The two-stage high pressure turbine (HPT) drives the engine compressor. The HPT blades feature 3D aerodynamic design, single crystal technology and internal air cooling passages to allow for high temperature operation, maximizing efficiency and power extraction.


        The compact, reverse-flow combustor and advanced fuel nozzles enables efficient combustion. Utilizing advanced combustor capabilities, the GE Catalyst engine will feature major reductions in emissions and soot over current engines in this class.


          The compact four-stage axial single centrifugal compressor is designed with GE fourth generation 3D aerodynamic design capabilities. A class-leading 16 to 1 pressure ratio provides high efficiency and power in a very compact design.

            Variable stator vanes

            Variable geometry compressor stator vanes ensure maximum performance and robust operations over the entire flight envelope.

              Control system

              The all-new integrated propulsion control (IPC) features a single lever integrated electronic engine and propeller control. This integrated approach coordinates and optimizes engine and propeller operation across the entire flight envelope.

                Accessory gearbox

                The accessory gearbox is driven by the engine core and provides the mechanical power for engine accessories. Reduction gears within the gearbox transfer the power to multiple pads on the gearbox at reduced RPM.

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                  A game changer

                  The Catalyst engine - aimed at the 850-1600 SHP range - is the first modern turboprop designed and built with advanced technologies, writing a pioneering chapter for the aviation industry. Avio Aero and GE’s engineers incorporated customer feedback into the engine’s design and development, for engineering design flexibility and a more pleasant, quiet, and sustainable journey for pilots and passengers.

                  The turboprop of the 21st century

                  The Catalyst engine is the culmination of our commitment to extensive research and development, with state-of-the-art technology, digital capabilities and advanced manufacturing techniques, ultimately delivering the best power-to-weight ratio in its engine class.

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                  Jet-like flying experience

                  The result is a simplified cockpit with a single-lever power control, fewer instruments to monitor and more precise engine controls. For pilots and their passengers this means a quieter and more enjoyable flight experience.

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                  More efficiency, less emissions

                  A more fuel efficient, digitally-controlled engine opens a world of opportunities. The Catalyst engine benefits from GE’s engineering expertise and from the largest European research and development programs devoted to decarbonization. Additive technology has been used in combination with advanced alloys to allow more geometrical freedom in the design. The result is reduced fuel burn and weight, and in contrast, increased durability and efficiency.

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                  Simplified ownership

                  Reliability is the benchmark of proven technology. This engine’s integrated digital features and GE’s analytics act as a technology liaison for maintenance prediction, prevention, and planning. The result is longer time between overhauls, greater availability, and ultimately lower cost of ownership for the life of the engine.

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