HF120 Turbofan

hf120 turbofan

GE and Honda: Partnering to deliver outstanding design with premium performance

Two of the world's most respected names in propulsion have come together to design and manufacture engines for the next generation of very light jets. The joint venture, known as GE Honda Aero Engines, combines the strengths of two industry leaders recognized for delivering high performance and reliability. The HF120 engine, the first product from GE Honda Aero Engines, epitomizes the strengths of GE and Honda – advanced manufacturing, significant R&D investments, technology leadership, and strong commitment to customers. The engine is designed to deliver unparalleled performance, reliability and value to business aviation.

hf120 outstanding design

Premium Performance

With a compact design and differential bearing architecture, GE Honda Aero Engines’ HF120 turbofan delivers outstanding power with unparalleled benefits for the 2,000-pound thrust class.

  • High thrust-to-weight ratio delivering increased aircraft speed and reduced climb time to cruising altitude
  • Best-in-class durability with reduced aircraft operating costs
  • Best-in-class fuel efficiency enabling longer range and greater payload

hf120 premium performance

Environmental Efficiency

By reducing weight and incorporating innovative 3D aerodynamic designs, HF120 components interact with greater efficiency while optimizing operability. The engine uses a centrifugal impeller designed to operate at state-of-the-art aerodynamic efficiency levels without the need for variable geometry. This is complemented by a unique, effusion-cooled combustor design to deliver exceptional environmental benefits.

  • Reduced NOx, CO2 and HC emissions (compared to other certified engines in this class)
  • Noise levels quieter than Stage 4 requirements with substantial margin
hf120 environmental efficiency

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