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GE Aerospace

Maximize the efficiency

of aircraft and crew

We are focused on providing through-life support to fit our customers' needs to maximize the efficiency of their aircraft and crew, while being built upon secure, standards-based open architecture across everything we do.
    GE Aerospace
    Data Concentration Network

    The all-new Gulfstream G500 and G600 are wired with an advanced data delivery network that acts like an aircraft’s central nervous system
    Health Awareness

    GE Aerospace’s on-board and off-board Health Awareness System securely manage data transmission from the aircraft, decodes and processes health state and executes maintenance analytics. The system integrates seamlessly with existing ground systems for data distribution, visualization and insights to increase aircraft availability, decrease unplanned maintenance and optimize operations.

    GE Aerospace
    GE Aerospace
    Flight Management System
    Our modular hardware and software architecture is designed for accuracy, connectivity and to optimize flight paths, GE Aerospace’s Flight Management Systems consistently reduce time, fuel consumption and emissions.


    GE Aerospace Wireless Data Network Unit Datasheet
    GE Aerospace Ground Services Network Datasheet
    GE Aerospace Onboard Maintenance System Datasheet
    GE Aerospace’s Aircraft Health Management Unit Datasheet