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Transforming operations with data-driven insightAdvanced analytics for safer, smarter skies

GE Aerospace

Business and General Aviation

Empowering Decisions with Advanced Analytics
Flight Analytics for Business and General Aviation redefines the intersection of data and aviation, offering a suite of solutions that transform operational decision-making. Combining the power of FlightPulse and Safety Insight, this platform delivers unparalleled insights into safety trends, risk factors, and fuel efficiency. Designed for both gatekeepers and pilots, it enables secure, deidentified data sharing to promote informed decision making and continuous operational improvement. By leveraging the strengths of both FlightPulse and Safety Insight, operators and pilots can compare their performance against industry benchmarks, enhancing safety, efficiency, and sustainability. Flight Analytics is not just a tool; it’s a strategic asset that drives business growth and elevates the performance of business and general aviation operations.
    GE Aerospace
    FlightPulse: Built for pilots, by pilots
    The fully configurable, modular EFB application designed by pilots, for pilots. Quickly enhance safety by becoming familiarized with common threats and events, improve efficiencies by understanding fuel impacts and operational changes, optimize from anywhere with a fully mobile, private, and secured app, and be empowered to create self-learning moments for continuous improvement.
    GE Aerospace
    Safety Insight | Pioneering Operational Safety
    Operators of all sizes are choosing Safety Insight because it lets their employees automate manual processes including data ingestion, error correction, and statistical reporting. Going beyond safety to include fuel efficiency reports, Safety Insight is the leading FOQA solution.

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