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Flight data for pilots

Empowering pilots through data with FlightPulse from GE Aerospace, Software as a Service.

GE Aerospace

Driving operational excellence and improving safety.

FlightPulse enables commercial and business jet pilots to unlock and consolidate disparate data so that they can make informed, accurate decisions around fuel and risk.

Pilots will be able to see their individual flight data in a secure, protected environment which enables critical, self-learning moments in their pursuit of operational excellence.
    GE Aerospace
    Connecting pilots to their data
    The fully configurable, modular EFB application designed by pilots, for pilots. Quickly enhance safety by becoming familiarized with common threats and events, improve efficiencies by understanding fuel impacts and operational changes, optimize from anywhere with a fully mobile, private, and secured app, and be empowered to create self-learning moments for continuous improvement.

    Empowering Pilots

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    Results achieved



    Carbon Emissions avoided



    Increase in adoption of fuel-saving procedures



    Qantas pilots regularly using the app in the first 2 months

    Designed for pilots, by pilots.

    GE Aerospace and Qantas saw an opportunity to unlock access to data, empower pilots and drive improvements to efficiency and safety for airlines around the world.

    Working closely with with Qantas pilots, FlightPulse Post-fight was created to provide pilots with secure access to personal analytics and flight data for their own individual flight history. They knew the value of flight data and wanted to get it into the hands of the people with the power to change it. But, Qantas pilots saw an opportunity for more - they started using this new access to data not only to review how they had previously operated, but also to plan and prepare for upcoming flights.

    The Pre-flight module was developed to facilitate this need and give pilots a broader aggregated data set to support pre-departure planning.

    GE Aerospace
    Features of FlightPulse
    • User-friendly, intuitive interface displays easily digestible information
    • Automated integration, cleansing and data validation
    • Application runs on Pilot’s Electronic Flight Bag (EFB)
    GE Aerospace
    • Pilots access their data securely and privately through the mobile app
    • Pre-flight module with access to historical data for operational decision-making
    • Post-flight module with individualized flight metrics relative to anonymized peer statistics

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