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Aircraft Fuel Efficiency

Help increase fuel efficiency, lower costs, and reduce carbon emissions with Fuel Insight from GE Aerospace, Software.

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Reducing Fuel Costs

Fuel Insight software is a cost and emissions reduction solution that works by understanding real data from your aircraft and airline. Fuel Insight utilizes our powerful aviation data and analytics platform to merge flight data with flight plans and uncover valuable insight to help increase aircraft fuel efficiency and reduce waste. Fuel Insight gives operators actionable intelligence at multiple levels allowing analysts to drill down from macro trends to understand issues on a per-flight level.

    Did you know?

    In 2022, Jet fuel price increased by approximately 90% and costs roughly 120% more, on average than it did in 2021.*
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      Fuel Insight Benchmarking
      Fuel Insight Benchmarking is a set of opt-in dashboards that allow operators to understand how their performance compares to other operators. Initially, the program will roll out for common fuel savings procedures like single engine taxi and idle reverse thrust. Data will be combined, aggregated, and deidentified so that an individual operator’s data is never exposed. The data will be delivered to all customers that opt-in as a Tableau dashboard.
      Through this data, airlines will be able to understand their operations in relation to their industry peers so that they know what truly best-in-class looks like around the world. This program allows immediate impact for airline sustainability programs with fuel savings procedures that can be done today.

      Mastering Fuel Efficiency

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      Increase fuel efficiency and reduce environmental impact

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      Track and monitor fuel consumption

      Make data useable with our leading-edge data processing engine. With Fuel Insight, you can visualize abstract data easily and control how and where data flows throughout your organization.

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      Optimize practices and processes to minimize fuel waste

      Automatically analyze flight data, examine trends, and identify fuel savings in minutes. With Fuel Insight, you can build the optimum savings program around real data insights.
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      Visualize and Understand Fuel Usage
      Identify the most attainable fuel savings opportunities and track the incremental savings with speed and accuracy as they add up across your fleet.
      GE Aerospace, Software has expert services and technology solutions available to meet any organization’s goals. Leverage our class-leading efficiency analytics suite, Fuel Insight core, or our premier fuel and emissions analytics platform, Fuel Insight Mainline, to help increase efficiency and lower costs.
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      Personalized analytics for pilots
      When paired with Fuel Insight, FlightPulse® puts data directly into the hands of pilots, allowing them to see their personalized savings scorecard over time.
      • Pilots who understand their own performance can make adjustments to maximize safety and efficiency.
      • Secure benchmarking and data sharing let’s crew members see how they stack up and understand their contribution to projects
      • Dramatically shorten the feedback loop by automatically and securely matching pilots to flight data

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      Let GE Aerospace, Software show you how to optimize your aircraft fuel consumption

      * prices-might-not-be-as-bad-for-the-airline-sector-as-it-seems