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Aircraft Maintenance Planning

Stay ahead of aircraft maintenance issues before they become costly disruptions with Maintenance Insight from GE Aerospace, Software.

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Planning aircraft maintenance
GE Aerospace, Software, Maintenance Insight solutions are a set of services and capabilities that provide our customers with early detection of aircraft and component degradation to avoid costly operational disruptions and support corrective action decision making.
Jon Dunsdon
Chief Technology Officer, GE Aerospace, Software
"Aviation as an industry has a lot of digital data. But there’s a real challenge around bringing that data together and making the most of it. It takes that rare blend of deep domain expertise and digital innovation we have within GE Aerospace, Software Group."
Data-driven insights


Fleet types tackled to date


ATA Chapter addressed thus far




Predictive maintenance

Work with a partner who has decades of experience managing full-flight data.  We can help reduce the time you spend dealing with these costly challenges.

airplane in hangar
Poor data visibility and insights

person working
Lack of internal resources and expertise

people looking at iPad
Investigating and prioritizing maintenance issues

Airplane in flight
Ineffective maintenance fixes

Take maintenance from unplanned to planned

Accelerate time to value

Tackle your most pressing maintenance issues, faster

- Reduce time dealing with incomplete and inaccurate data

- Run, execute, and test analytics in less than a day
Confident maintenance planning

Make better decisions by staying up-to-date and informed

- Identify problematic aircraft

- Visualize real-time fleet health

- Pinpoint maintenance issues at the component level
Boost customer satisfaction

Increase fleet reliability to keep your operation running at its best

- Improve maintenance effectiveness and enhance fleet health

- Implement an operational process your customers can count on
GE Aerospace
Working together to get ahead of maintenance challenges
We work with you to pinpoint your top reliability challenges.
We onboard and process your existing full-flight data and automatically process it using our industry-leading flight analytics platform.
We enable better prediction times and inform corrective action by classifying flight signatures, identifying root cause issues, and providing straight-forward views of fleet health.

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