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Airline Schedule Planning

Optimize the passenger experience and reduce costs by mitigating delays and cancellations with the Network Operations Platform from GE Aerospace, Software as a Service.

GE Aerospace

Manage airline scheduling operations

The GE Aerospace Network Operations Platform can aid commercial airlines in reducing costs related to disruptions by up to 15% with real-time visibility and powerful solver capabilities. The platform consists of 4 cloud-based applications: Network Operations Insights, Network Operations Optimization, Network Crew Optimization, and Network Operations Passenger Protection. Each of these products operate on their own, when used together the maximum value is realized.
    Minimize the impact of disruptions

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    Reduce delays and cancellations

    A digital disruption management platform recovers flight schedules and aircraft routes while considering the impact and cost related to passengers, crews, and maintenance.

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    Improve passenger experience

    By improving recovery time from delays and cancellations, more passengers stay on schedule with fewer misconnections.

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    Focus on cost efficiencies

    Greater visibility across the entire operation before and during irregular operations.
    GE Aerospace
    Network Operations Insights
    Providing real-time visibility into exceptions in the network operation. By providing a live view of the impact of disruption on passengers, crew, costs, and revenue, this application helps rapidly prioritize problems, simplify operations decision-making, and improve profitability.
    GE Aerospace
    Network Operations Optimization
    Delivering recovery solutions for large and small disruptions by utilizing faster, smarter, and automated decision-making. This application recovers flight schedules and aircraft routes while considering the impact and costs related to passengers, crew, and maintenance.
    GE Aerospace
    Network Crew Optimization
    Enables quick and optimized recovery of airline crew by leveraging advanced optimization tools and a configurable rules engine. Efficiently optimize crew reroutes to cover all flights and avoid the unnecessary propagation of disruptions, while considering crew welfare and satisfaction, reserve, and standby utilization.
    GE Aerospace
    Network Operations Passenger Protection
    Protecting passenger itineraries based on your airline's key objectives. With this application, disrupted passengers are visible in real-time and new itineraries are generated in seconds with PNR prioritization according to your objectives and individual passenger value.
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