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GE Aerospace Software, Sustainability Solutions
Flight Ops and Maintenance and Reliability Analytics solutions from GE Aerospace Software help aircraft operators increase sustainability and meet regulatory requirements across their operation. From fuel usage, to airspace efficiency, predictive maintenance, and flight crew performance, our solutions are helping to promote efficiency and reduce carbon emissions within your operation.

A real-world customer example of sustainable savings falls within Qantas. Today, more than 2,000 Qantas Group pilots across six airlines are using FlightPulse. Operators calculated that the app has helped enable a 15% increase in the adoption of fuel savings procedures and avoided 5.7 million kilogram (6,300 tons) of carbon emissions in the first year of use.
    GE Aerospace
    FlightPulse | Putting data key to operational decisions in the hands of pilots.
    FlightPulse is the fully configurable, modular EFB application designed by pilots, for pilots. Easy to get up and running in three minutes or less, pilots are provided access to data like never before. The pre-flight module provides aggregated data from across the operation for more informed fuel decisions and departure briefings, while the post-flight module provides secure access to data from a pilot’s individual flight history, allowing them to analyze their own operation of the aircraft in relation to their peers and self-discover areas to optimize operations and efficiency.

    Pilots can quickly enhance safety by becoming familiarized with common threats and events, improve efficiencies by understanding fuel impacts and operational changes, optimize from anywhere with a fully mobile, private, and secured app, and be empowered to create self-learning moments that enable continuous improvement.
    GE Aerospace
    Fuel Insight | Helping to increase fuel efficiency, lower costs, and reduce carbon emissions.
    Fuel Insight software is a cost and emissions reduction solution that works by understanding real data from your aircraft and airline. By utilizing our powerful aviation data and analytics platform to merge flight data with flight plans, you can uncover valuable insight to help increase aircraft fuel efficiency and reduce waste. Fuel Insight also empowers operators with actionable data at multiple levels allowing analysts to drill down from macro trends to understand issues on a per-flight level.

    Through Fuel Insight Benchmarking, operators can utilize a set of opt-in dashboards that allow them to understand how their performance compares to other operators, enabling airlines to understand their operations in relation to their industry peers so that they know what truly best-in-class looks like. This program allows immediate impact for airline sustainability programs with fuel savings procedures that can be done today.
    GE Aerospace
    Safety Insight | Help increase flight safety and reduce risk.
    Gain more accurate data, leading to fewer false positives with GE Aerospace Software, Safety Insight. Helping aircraft operations fly more safely, the Safety Insight software is transforming aviation safety around the world. Operators of all sizes are choosing this solution because it lets their employees automate manual processes including data ingestion, error correction, and statistical reporting. Going beyond safety to include fuel efficiency reports, Safety Insight is the leading FOQA solution helping airlines operate at peak safety while reducing their carbon footprint.

    With Safety Insight for Airlines, Managed Service, GE Aerospace safety experts do the heavy lifting for smaller flight departments and provide key insights into safety and areas of potential risk. Operators are then benchmarked and receive all deidentified data in a simplified, modern web application. Taking a proactive approach to managing safety risk is key in resilient operations.
    GE Aerospace
    Airspace Efficiency | Data-driven flight path design and airspace analytics.
    Airspace Efficiency from GE Aerospace Software empowers airlines with flight path design and maintenance services, airspace analytics, and expert consulting to maximize airspace benefits. With the agile airspace analysis web application, data is presented in a simple and intuitive format, ensuring airlines, airports, and other stakeholders make decisions collaboratively.

    At the click of a button, complex questions can be answered rapidly empowering stakeholders to make rapid, high-quality decisions and foster collaboration. When coupled with flight path design services and airspace consulting services, meaningful changes to improve airspace operations happen. Whether you’re an airline, airport, or ANSP, Airspace Efficiency democratizes a world of data to identify opportunities, drive change, and monitor progress toward more efficient, sustainable, resilient, and safe operations.

    Let GE Aerospace Software help you put your data to work