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TrueChoice Transitions: You may only know ‘part’ of the story

November 01, 2017

Cost-saving solutions

Along with Icelandair’s recent signing of a TrueChoice™ Transitions agreement for a custom build CF6-80C2 spare engine, many other owners and operators are now seeing the multiple benefits these offerings can bring at any point in a customer’s ownership horizon.

“We were greatly impressed by the speed and flexibility that GE Aviation demonstrated with this TrueChoice Transitions agreement,” said Unnar Sumarlidason, engineering manager, Icelandair, at the time of the signing this past March. “GE was willing to build us a spare engine to order that will help us as we grow our fleet, and we are pleased with the level of support that GE has shown.”

Initiated through GE’s used materials business in Dallas, Texas, this was part of an effort to reclaim in a variety of ways several engines that were retired by a large airline and initially planned for teardown.

“We purchased several CF6 engines and then worked customized solutions that helped operators and lessors with their unique needs in meeting their economic and operating horizon objectives,” says Rudy Bryce, TrueChoice Transitions and used material leader, GE Aviation. “Icelandair is just one of our customers that has seen quantifiable value through these types of transactions.

“In addition to providing our customers with tailored engine builds, we were also able to meet their short-term engine needs from our pool of available green time engines while they awaited their customized engine.”

Finally, the purchased engines that did not go back to an overhaul facility were sent to teardown facilities to ensure that GE has enough available used serviceable material so that operators have access to critical, cost-saving parts that meet their workscope objectives. These include high-pressure turbine (HPT) blades, vanes, shrouds and various life-limited parts, such as HPT disks.
For more information, visit our TrueChoice Transitions webpage.


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