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Digital alternative to engine test runs save time & money

March 25, 2016
GE Aviation now has a report process that can save the commercial aircraft engine lessee and/or lessor thousands of dollars and avoid hours of engine test time, at time of lease return.

“The Engine Redelivery Report process provides an estimate of remaining time on wing based on exhaust gas temperature margin along with a thorough review of diagnostic health parameters,”says Ron Williams, Sr. Operations Manager for GE’s customer support organization. “With diagnostics information from the engine operator, the process ensures consistent GE analysis along with messaging to both the lessor and lessee that replaces the need for an actual engine test.”

Depending on the actions that would normally be expected to meet engine lease return conditions, having this report can save anywhere from $3,000-$4,000 for an on-wing engine test to $35,000-$50,000 for a test cell run.


Engine Redelivery Report advantages:

  • Includes average values of actual operating data over time versus one-time engine test data

  • Allows for quicker transition from current engine lessee to the new lessee

  • Provides an unbiased assessment, to both the lessor and lessee, of engine health at the time of return

  • Allows the lessor to more accurately project and plan terms of future lease agreements

  • GE guarantees a 14-day turn around time, for each report, from time of request

  • Pricing for report available upon request. Volume price discounts for multiple reports are also available.

“Reports can be requested by lessee or lessor through their GE Customer Support Manager,” adds Williams. “We’ll create the report and send to both the lessor and the lessee. Follow-on support is also provided.”

For more information, email Ron Williams:  [email protected] -- and customers should contact their GE Customer Support Manager.  

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