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GE Aerospace in the Middle East Advancing aviation across Arabian skies

A trusted technology partner in the region for 40 years, GE Aerospace has been instrumental in advancing aviation in the Middle East. Our engines power the fleets of every major airline in the region, which has the largest fleet of GE Aerospace widebody engines in service and on order globally.

GE Aerospace

Powering growth in the Middle East

As the Middle East witnesses growing demand across commercial, defense, and services sectors, GE Aerospace is well positioned with teams on the ground in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar to support major airlines, and defense organizations.

With two on-wing support centers, alongside partnership engineering, and maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) facilities, GE Aerospace is fully committed to our local partners' needs. Our active involvement in Aviation X Lab, an innovation incubator in the Middle East, demonstrates our commitment to shaping the future of aviation in the region.
    GE Aerospace
    Propelling growth in the Middle East with our people
    More than 220 employees from over 40 countries are spearheading aviation advancements at GE Aerospace in the Middle East. Across our offices, and facilities in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, our culture of innovation and inclusivity propels us forward in shaping the future of flight. Through an active Early Career Trainee program, young professionals from the aerospace industry gain exposure across various functions, and disciplines, while our localization initiatives foster local capabilities and expertise.

    Our Employee Resource Groups, such as GE Aerospace Volunteers and the GE Aerospace Women’s Network, champion the holistic well-being of our teams. We firmly believe that the future is our starting point, and together, we are advancing aviation for generations to come.

    Take flight with us. Explore opportunities at GE Aerospace in the Middle East.