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International Women in Engineering Day: Celebrating Women Engineers Around the World

June 20, 2024 | by Kinsey Gulley

From systems to manufacturing to design and test, women engineers across GE Aerospace make a difference every day in advancing the future of flight.

On this International Women in Engineering Day (INWED), we celebrate the contributions of our women engineers across the globe and share their stories of inspiration, challenges, and triumphs. 

International Women in Engineering Day was founded in 2014 by the Women’s Engineering Society. Since its inception INWED has promoted the work women engineers are doing around the world, which is reflected in this year’s theme: #Enhancedbyengineering. 

See the stories of some of the women engineers at GE Aerospace who are making strides in engineering and helping pave the way for women in STEM fields. 

Adity Shekhar, Senior Sales Director for South Asia

Adity Shekhar's career journey reflects her determination to excel in a male-dominated field. At first, she was the only woman among her peers at The Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. Confronted with challenges as a female engineer, she was motivated by a determination to create opportunities for future women in the field. As GE Aerospace's sales director for South Asia, she found herself to be the only woman on her team yet has witnessed positive strides in gender equity from the aviation field. Read her full story. 

Aybike Molbay, General Manager of the Turkiye Technology Center

Aybike Molbay's upbringing revolved around engineering, guided by her mechanical engineer father who supported her educational projects and introduced her to manufacturing environments. Her early passions for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) led her to become an aeronautical engineer, challenging societal gender biases. As current General Manager of the Turkiye Technology Center (TTC), she leads a diverse team of engineers, striving to increase gender equity in the aerospace industry. Read her full story.

Vanessa Moo Young, Lead High Pressure Compressor Durability Engineer 

Vanessa Moo Young's journey into aerospace engineering began with pivotal encouragement from her high school chemistry teacher in Jamaica, who remarked, "You could be a rocket scientist!" Intrigued, she explored the field further, eventually pursuing aerospace engineering at the Illinois Institute of Technology. Today, as a high-pressure compressor (HPC) durability leader at GE Aerospace, she guides the mechanical design efforts for the groundbreaking GE9X engine, set to power the Boeing 777X. Committed to promoting diversity in engineering, Moo Young actively participates in initiatives like GE Aerospace's Women's Network and engages in community outreach programs to inspire young women to pursue STEM careers. Read her full story.

Bianca McCartt, Senior Staff Engineer for Program Management

As a leader in talent pipeline development, Bianca McCartt champions initiatives like the Take2Flight program, which helps engineers return to technical roles after career breaks. Dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion in engineering, McCartt's path from a Kentucky horse farm to engineering leadership highlights her commitment to advancing women and marginalized voices in the technology sector. Her dedication extends to her role in the Society of Women Engineers (SWE), where she advocates for greater inclusivity in engineering. Read her full story. 

Calisa Horton, Senior Staff Technical Product Manager

Calisa Horton, a Senior Staff Technical Product Manager at GE Aerospace, initially pursued accounting but now passionately supports engineering education through programs like Next Engineers. Dedicated to increasing diversity in STEM, especially among people of color and women, Horton leads the Engineering Discovery program in Cincinnati schools, offering early STEM exposure and scholarships. Horton's commitment extends to mentoring at-risk teens and highlighting the importance of recognizing Black Americans' contributions year-round. Read her full story.

Sisters Sophie Markey, Engineering Degree Apprentice and Melanie Markey, Higher Business Apprentice 

 Melanie Markey (front row, center) and Sophie Markey (back row, fourth from left) at Cheltenham Pride 2023.

Melanie Markey was originally uncertain about her career path after completing secondary school and a human resources apprenticeship. She later found her fit in a supply chain business degree apprenticeship at GE Aerospace Cheltenham. Along with her sister Sophie, the two Markey sisters are taking full advantage of GE Aerospace’s apprenticeship programs. Looking ahead, Sophie plans to pursue roles in systems or software engineering, while Melanie focuses on strategic sourcing and fulfillment within the Defense and Systems department. They are both excited about the possibilities for future career growth within the company and look forward to increasing their professional knowledge. Read their full story.

Nicole Tibbets, Chief MRO Manufacturing Engineer 

Nicole Tibbetts, chief manufacturing engineer for maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) at GE Aerospace, accepted the 66th annual Laureate Awards for the company's advancements in engine inspection technology. These innovations include ultrasonic immersion technology for thorough engine part inspections, the AI-enabled Blade Inspection Tool (BIT) for precise turbine blade assessments, and the Sensiworm, an autonomous inspection device designed to navigate tight spaces within engines. Tibbetts emphasizes the importance of these technologies in enhancing safety and efficiency across GE Aerospace's global operations. Read her full story. 

The GE Aerospace Women's Network employee resource group helps empower women across the globe to make a lasting impact in culture and the future of flight, including supporting gender diversity in the aerospace industry. Read our story about GE Aerospace’s Women’s Network.

GE Aerospace's involvement with the Society of Women Engineers dates back decades. In the last several years, the team at Avio Aero, with sites in Italy and across Europe, has been supporting the organization, partnering with local employees to take action. Read how in Avio Aero's About Magazine

Thank you to all of our women engineers who help make GE Aerospace a diverse and welcoming place to work and thrive.

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