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GE Aerospace

At GE Aerospace, our understanding and experience is your gain.

Our modular hardware and software architecture is guaranteed to last the lifetime of your military or commercial aircraft. Our pilot-backed support understands your operation and is here to provide assistance, guidance, and problem resolution.

Have peace of mind knowing that we have the longest established navigation database service with a proven track record of delivering accurate data on time.

You can take advantage of FMS training cost savings with our tablet-based cloud training app. As an operator, you want to ensure that your FMS and connected solutions just work, and that is why GE Aerospace is your smartest choice.


years inventing the future of flight


civil and military operators trust GE Aerospace’s FMS every day



flight hours of precision operation
with GE Aerospace technology


airline operators continue to choose GE Aerospace

GE Aerospace
Flight Management System
GE Aerospace has created the TrueCourse™ FMS, designed for easy adaptation to new features among several aircraft platforms.

TrueCourse™ features a modern framework that componentizes all software functions into reusable components. Each component is designed for easy update and adaptation due to our reusable certification artifacts, which reduces the operator’s cost of change.

  • Supports integrated Large Area Display and User Interface Device
  • FAA CLEEN Program Participant
  • Support current/future airspace mandates, and NextGen & SESAR 4D TBO initiatives
  • Software supports open architectures, including FACE & ARINC 653
  • A661 & A739 display interfaces with simplified, customizable Human-Machine Interface (HMI) menus
  • Advanced airspace features: RNAV/RNP 0.1, PBN, RTA, FANS 1/A+, Link 2000+
GE Aerospace
Legacy Commercial Solutions
GE Aerospace’s Flight Management System (FMS) automates a wide variety of in-flight tasks, enabling the pilots to file a flight plan, then safely and efficiently fly an aircraft from its origin to its destination anywhere in the world.

Simultaneously, the FMS will account for traffic, weather, aircraft performance, and required arrival time, while optimizing performance. Our FMS uses a variety of sensors to determine the aircraft’s current position and sends guidance commands to the aircraft control systems, which guide the aircraft along the approved flight plan. GE Aerospace’s innovative solutions reduce pilot workload and fuel consumption through automation of aircraft performance calculations, which aid in evaluating flight plan changes.

GE’s advanced trajectory optimization and 4D path tracking with time of arrival control will even have passengers commenting on their increased comfort levels.
GE Aerospace
GE Aerospace works with aircraft manufacturers to invent the future of flight through long-range, connected services, and custom-tailored solutions.
  • C1 Flight Management Computer (FMC) upgrade improves performance by enabling the latest U-Series FMS software
  • AOC/ATC datalink communication and flight planning
  • Increased availability, with single FMC part number and consistent operations across fleets
  • Advanced Airspace features: RNAV/RNP 0.1, PBN, RTA, FANS 1/A, Link 2000+, PBN (RNP 0.3), either FANS A/B/C, ATN BL1, ATN BL2
  • Supports FANS datalink capabilities, with integrated FANS 1/A and ATN Baseline 1 capability
Military solutions

Military aircraft are required to operate in civil airspace en route to and returning from mission areas. The combination of civil airspace and mission requirements, communications, navigation, safety optimization, and operational costs places a high demand on pilot workload. GE is proud to present a modern FMS solution tailored for military operation.

GE’s military flight management solution, based off the TrueCourse™ FMS, is designed for easy adaptation to new features across several aircraft platforms.

GE Aerospace

Military solutions resources

- Boasts a worldwide navigation database
- Automates a wide variety of in-flight tasks, enabling the pilots to accomplish their mission efficiently and use additional time to prepare for upcoming missions
- Provides tactical guidance capabilities in addition to its core navigation and control functions, which enable an aircraft to fly from its origin to its destination
- Accounts for traffic, weather, aircraft performance, and required arrival time
- Minimizes fuel consumption in controlled airspace, providing the warfighter with more fuel to extend mission range and time on target

- Navigation capable of Military EGI
- Radio tuning of: IFF, V/UHF (including HQ I & II and SATURN), SATCOM (including DAMA), HF, and AIS

- Civil certified navigation
- RTA for mission metering of aircraft
- Maximum loiter
- Open architecture and modular design

- Multiple climb, cruise, descent
- Refueling guidance (tanker and receiver)
- Rendezvous
- Search and Rescue
- Threat Avoidance
- Weapon delivery orbit
- Tactical Air-Landing•Airdrop

GE Aerospace is a leading provider of Flight Management Systems (FMS) for military transport aircraft including platforms such as KC-46, C-130J, P-8A, E-2D, and E-6B. GE’s military FMS features tactical capabilities such as: Airdrop, Rendezvous, Search and Rescue and Refueling.

- FAA compliant flight plans and support for future airspace mandates
- Cost effective updates to respond to changing civil airspace requirements
- Advanced Airspace features: RNAV/RNP 0.1, PBN, FANS 1/A, Link 2000+

The GE FMA provides world class Required Time of Arrival (RTA) capability to enable high precision coordination with friendly aircraft. The GE FMA also provides the warfighter with LPV and RNP precision approach and departure capability.
- Minimum fuel en route flight profiles
- Advanced Airspace features: LPV, RNAV/RNP 0.1, Performance Based Navigation, FANS 1/A, Link 2000+
- Integration of Civil Airspace rules and restrictions for efficient operation in controlled areas

Connected FMS


Airlines have deployed Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) tablet computers into the cockpits to reduce the workload of the pilot. However, the benefits of these assets are limited by not having a connection to the aircraft avionics systems. Connected FMS (CFMS) allows operators to interact with GE’s broadly deployed FMS anywhere, anytime.

Pilots may interface with the aircraft’s avionics prior to stepping into the cockpit through a well-defined, easy to use, secure, and safe developers’ kit

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CFMS enables pilots to wirelessly obtain access to GE’s Aircraft Performance Optimization technology, assuring their aircraft are operated in a cost-optimal manner, to reduce fuel consumption and flight durations, minimize noise, increase passenger comfort, and improve time-of-arrival control.

- Utilizes real-time weather to finds the optimal control and state trajectory to minimize cost, maximize comfort, and arrive on time –then loads the information directly to GE’s FMS
- Enables EFB Tablet and Ground Applications to interface with GE’s FMS through all phases of flight, making it easy to use for pilots
- Widely available as either a retrofit to legacy aircraft or as a feature on new production airplanes
- Supports iOS and Windows OS applications
- Enables third-party applications to access real-time and post-flight data analytics via secured link, which is valuable for both the pilot and dispatcher

GE Aerospace
Data services
GE Aerospace offers a variety of tools, data products, and services in support of its Flight Management Systems and Navigation Database Update Service.

These tools, which have a wide range of compatibility and functionality, are designed to meet the many navigational data needs of the airline community including procedure design, pilot training, and data integrity.
GE Aerospace
Simulator and training services
GE Aerospace provides several training solutions to assist aircraft operators in expanding their FMS competence. With GE Aerospace’s innovative solutions, operators can fly the aircraft FMS from takeoff to touchdown on either aircraft hardware, re-hosted processors, or in a cloud environment.

GE provides tools and support services for developing an aircraft-equivalent reproduction of the FMS in the full aircraft simulation. GE is also able to offer pilots training tools anytime, anywhere, on any device. All training solutions feature a fully representative pilot interface via MCDU.

Simulator and training services resources

Aircraft Hardware Training solution that offers the same FMS software and hardware as installed in the aircraft for use in simulators.
- PC or simulator-based: standalone workstation application or flight training device/simulator integration
- Free play: same FMS software and hardware as installed on the aircraft, fly flight plans on the simulated “actual FMS

Rehosted FMS software on miniature computerz
- Small form-factor: lightweight computing platform that rehosts FMS software
- Full aircraft simulation: simulated aircraft model includes all the associated sensors, flight controls, flight deck instruments interfaced to the FMS

Training solution that can be accessed anywhere 24/7
- Training solution that can be accessed anywhere 24/7
- Cloud-based: training anywhere, any time with no reliance on local computing hardware
- Customized training modules: tailorable to an operator’s unique training requirements
- Bring your own device: PC’s tablets, smartphones
GE Aerospace
Future of Flight Management
GE is leading technology development in the aviation industry.

It is actively researching industry demands like single pilot operations, Future Vertical Lift, and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

The team is responding by inventing solutions that simply work.

GE uses the company’s deep expertise to develop advanced user interfaces, such as the TCDU, a touchscreen version of its MCDU product. It provides advanced graphics and a touchscreen interface to enable the introduction of new features and applications into the cockpit within easy reach of the pilots.

GE Aerospace is leveraging decades of expertise in guidance, navigation, and control of manned vehicles to produce intelligent ground and airborne systems that perform commercial and military missions autonomously without compromising performance or safety.

Supporting Flight Crews from
Pre-Flight to Shutdown

With GE’s computing hardware featuring custom system on a chip (cSoC), we guarantee more than 20years of service. You’ll experience reduced hardware obsolescence, minimized future retrofits, and lowered maintenance costs.

Our modular design and advanced toolset bring software and feature updates to market faster.

Our cutting-edge FMS Anywhere provides an industry first cloud-based FMS training solution, lowering your crew training costs.

GE Aerospace’s innovative navigation database process lowers subscription fees, so you’ll notice lower total lifecycle costs.

GE’s exclusive Connected FMS features the software development kit (SDK) so your apps are developed once and supported on all your mobile platforms.

Supported Aircraft Platforms

737 Next Generation Family
737 MAX Family
A320 Family
KC-46 Pegasus
P-8A Poseidon
C-130J Super Hercules
KC-767 Tanker / Transport
E-2C Hawkeye
E-6B Mercury
E-4 Airborne Command Post
Indian Navy P-8I
Japanese Navy P-1/C-2