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GE Aerospace in Asia PacificShaping the future of flight in Asia Pacific

GE Aerospace has been a trusted partner in the Asia Pacific region for over four decades, advancing aviation fleets in more than 10 markets. With a dedicated team of over 5,500 aerospace engineers and innovators across region, GE Aerospace continuously pushes the boundaries of aviation technology, setting new standards for the future of flight.

GE Aerospace


Our regional footprint includes seven Research, Manufacturing, and Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO) facilities and joint ventures that keep fleets flying for more than 130 airline customers. With more than 4,900 commercial engines in service, we are proud to lift people up and bring them home safely across the Asia-Pacific.

The region is at the heart of some of our most promising innovations and cutting-edge technologies. Our John F. Welch Technology Centre in India is our largest integrated multidisciplinary research and development center outside the US. Singapore is home to the company's largest engine MRO site, accounting for more than 60% of GE Aerospace's global repair volume, and the first MRO site globally to use additive manufacturing to repair commercial jet engine components.

Across Australia, Malaysia, and South Korea, we have a network of MRO and On Wing Support facilities that provide local capabilities to take our customers to the skies quicker than ever.
    Defense & Systems

    GE Aerospace plays a pivotal role in safeguarding the skies in the Asia Pacific region. Our engines power some of the most critical air forces in this part of the world, including the Republic of Singapore Air Force and the Indian Air Force. GE Aerospace has also cultivated long-standing relationships with countries and contributed to the advancement of their military aviation capabilities, such as supporting South Korea's indigenous fighter-jet program in collaboration with Hanwha Aerospace and Korea Aerospace Industries.

    With over 4,300 GE Aerospace military engines in operation throughout the Asia Pacific, our technology is trusted across the region for its unmatched capability, reliability, and safety. We actively engage with local governments and enterprises to meet the unique demands of their defense sectors. By engaging local workforces and supply chains, we strengthen regional defense capabilities while driving innovation and progress.

      GE Aerospace
      Advancing aerospace in
      Asia Pacific

      GE Aerospace’s journey through Asia Pacific skies is powered by our exceptional people. With over 5,500 aerospace engineers, innovators, and inventors in the region, we propel the future of flight forward each day.

      Join us as we take flight into the future.

        GE Aerospace